Rheumatologist Questions Lyme Disease

What is the treatement process for Lyme disease?

My brother has been diagnosed with Lyme disease after a tick bite from his hiking trip last week. So far, he's been prescribed amoxicillin for treatment. But, we want a second opinion. Should we look into a different course of treatment?

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1st line treatment for Lymes disease is Doxycycline for 21-28 days; sometimes 14 days treatment is used instead. In situations where the is an allergy to Doxycycline, or in cases not responsive to Doxycycline, other antibiotics are used. Amoxicillin is not the antibiotic of choice unless there are contraindications to 1st line treatments. Sometimes in chronic or complicated disease intravenous antibiotics are also used.

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Mishal Abdullah.
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