Ophthalmologist Questions Diabetic Eye Problems

What is the treatment for diabetic eye disease?

My mother has high blood sugar levels, even when she is taking her insulin. But, now she is complaining about her blurry vision. The doctor told her that it could be diabetic eye disease. What is the treatment for this?

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Eye injections, laser and/or surgery remain the mainstay of treatment. Although scary sounding, all these treatment are largely painless thanks to anesthesia. Thankfully they are highly effective in preventing and or restoring vision loss. The sooner one begins treatment when indicated, the better chance they have in maintaining their sight.
The best treatment is better control of diabetes. Based on what your doctor is seeing in her eye, she may need injection of some medicine into her eyes (to treat macular edema) or laser over her retina (to treat hemorrhage and growth of abnormal blood vessels).
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Diabetic eye disease can take many forms. Treatment depends on the specific part and stage of the part of the eye involved. Only any ophthalmologist can accurately diagnose and treat diabetic eye disease.
That depends on the extent of her eye disease. The early stages do not require any treatment. The later stages require laser of the retina or injections of medicine into The eye. In extreme cases, a person may require surgery. If her vision is getting worse, she needs to be seen by an ophthalmologist immediately.
Typically diabetics need to be examined immediately at diagnosis and then yearly if they are type 2. Your mother likely has some swelling of her retins or something less worrisome like a cataract. She needs to be examined by an M.D. who has retina training.
Early detection and treatment are keys to success. Please have your mother seen by an eye professional as soon as possible.
Treatment first would be to get the eye examined. It could be as simple as a new prescription, but it could also be diabetic retina disease, where treatment could be injection of chemicals to stop bleeding or steroids for swelling in macula or potentially some laser treatment. All treatment should be done by a retinal specialist. Initial exam can be done by your regular eye care doctor.
Treatment is very complicated and depends on the severity of the disease. She should see an eye specialist to determine what the diagnosis and appropriate treatment would be.

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Besides dietary control which is the most important, laser photocoagulation of bleeding retinal areas, Intraitreal injection of ozudex and vitreous surgery for advanced diabetic eye disease may be required
A myriad of treatments for diabetic eye disease exist, depending on the issue and severity. Tight blood sugar control is the best and foremost way to prevent worsening diabetic eye disease