Urologist Questions Inguinal Hernia

What is the treatment for inguinal hernia?

I've been diagnosed with an inguinal hernia that is about 2.5 cms. The condition has been persistent for the past three days. What is the course of treatment for this?

2 Answers

Depends how symptomatic you are, with pain, or if the hernia interferes with the daily activities, and if there is any protrusion of any bowel that may make it irreducible (strangulation). Under these conditions surgery is recommended. Conservative approach would include avoiding heavy activities, lifting, gaining weight, and wearing a truss belt. If greater than 50 and with symptoms of enlarged prostate, it is best to consider having surgical repair.
If it hurts and you are bothered, then I would seek a general surgeon who has expertise in lap hernia repairs. If you are asymptotic, then I would observe until it gets bigger or there is pain. If there is bowel in the hernia and you feel bubbling in the scrotum, you need it fixed sooner due to the risk of strangulation of the bowel.

Dr. Niko Lailas