Psychologist Questions Sex addiction

What is the treatment for sex addiction?

My wife is addicted to sex and keeps wanting to have sex everyday. I recently read an article that said that this behavior could indicate a psychological problem. Should I take her to a psychologist?

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Dear Sir,

I am sorry to hear that you are perceiving your wife needing to have sex with her spouse, that is you, as Sex Addiction, unless her pattern has changed since you two started dating each other. In case you are concerned about her hormonal changes, then you may want to have her Primary Care Physician get her blood tested, specifically her testosterone level. In case you suspect drug abuse leading to heightened sexuality, then you need to address that issue. Encouraging her to accompany you to see a Licensed Sex Therapist, who specializes also in couple therapy, would be recommended. There are also sex addicts groups available in case she qualifies for that.

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Dr. Sonpal
There are therapists who specialize in treating sex addiction. I recommend that you do an online search for a "Certified Sex Addiction Therapist" in your area.
Hello, without knowing details about your wife, your relationship, or her medical history I would suggested she have a medical evaluation conducted. It also would not hurt to go see a psychologist or therapist to work some things out between the two of you if it is causing relationship problems.
There can be many reasons for this type of behavior. Getting an assessment/evaluation by a professional such as a psychologist is a great start.
Speaking with a psychologist will be a good place to start.
If the amount of sex is a problem for either of you, then sure, bringing it up would be a good idea. But, before I attach a label such as "addicted to sex," there would be a lot more information I would need first. Maybe have a conversation with her about your concerns and see what she says first. If it's an issue for you, then maybe you could talk to a therapist first and see if she is willing to join you.
Your wife needs to first get checked for testosterone levels and then may need a therapist. It is an addiction as well as can also be a physical medical issue.
See a psychologist who is licensed and certified to treat sex addiction.