Internist Questions Overall weakness

Can you suggest a treatment plan for my overall weakness?

I am suffering from overall weakness that just gets worse in the afternoon. Can you suggest any treatment that I should take?

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There are many reasons why you could be suffering from overall weakness. You need to do testing to determine what is the cause before I could suggest any treatment l.
You need a complete work up by a qualified certified internal medicine doctor or a certified family practitioner.
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This is a symptom for which you need to be seen by your PCP. Overall weakness could be from variety of conditions ranging from blood disorders such as anemia and hormone problems such as being low on thyroid hormone. It would be very helpful for you to get checked for these conditions by getting CBC, TSH, BMP a basic work up is required before treatment plan can be devised.
Use Healthy Bacteria ,after a Parsite cleanse and liver cleans.Cut down Vegetables for a while and increase brown rice.also take more fluids with electlytes Dr Alvin Pettle
A few things come to mind:

1. General deconditioning and as the day wears on you grow more fatigued.

2. Myesthenia gravis, an autoimmune muscle disease where muscle become more fatigued with use.

3. Multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is especially aggravated by fatigue and heat.

I certainly recommend you work closely with your doctor to determine the cause of your weakness, so the two of you can then formulate a plan to treat it.
You really should get evaluated in person, to figure out why you have weakness, then figure out treatment.

Ehsan ALi, MD
Dear correspondent,

I assume you mean “generalized weakness”? If so, the doctor needs to know at least your age, medical, and social history. To answer a simpler way, I would be looking for blood count, chemistry, and iron studies very first. Without the above, it’s nearly impossible to offer a ”treatment plan.”