Urologist Questions Urinary Incontinence

My father is unable to hold his urine. What could be the reason?

My father is 73 years old and is gradually unable to hold his urine. Although he is physically active, he ends up passing some urine in his clothes. I wouldn't consider it "having an accident" because it's not a lot. What could be the reason for this? Is it his age? What can we do? He is embarrassed to see a doctor about this.

3 Answers

He needs to be evaluated but likely he has BPH with an overactive bladder. If the BPH has not been treated for a long time then the bladder gets over active and starts to leak
At his age, he likely has an enlarged prostate and that can cause urinary dribbling and leakage. It is important to get a urology consultation. Enlarged prostate can also cause more serious symptoms and problems, and it is important to consult urologist early. Sometimes medications like Flomax can help resolve some of the symptoms. You will need a prescription and the medication has several side effects which you need to understand before starting.
The most likely cause of a small urine leak in a 73-year-old man, is urine being trapped in the water pipe after peeing. This is because the flow is not as strong as when he was younger. The other possibility is an over-active bladder. Please see my website for more information: https://www.daviesurology.co.nz/prostate-problems-treatment/