Phlebologist Questions Varicose Veins

How is varicose veins diagnosed in a person?

I can see some painful veins appearing around my thighs. I am not sure if these are varicose veins. How is varicose veins diagnosed?

2 Answers

Great question! Each patient's condition of varicose veins is unique. One should make a consultation with a Certified Vein Specialist, lookk for 'DIplomate" of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM). During your consultation one should expect to have your medical history reviewed, a diagnostic ultrasound (which provides a specific "mapping" of the source of your individual vascular problem), have a venous evaluation, a set of photos of the areas affected, and a "customized" treatment plan for your varicose veins and lifestyle will be prepared for you and explained in detail.
Varicose veins are diagnosed with an ultrasound screening to see which veins are bad and if they needed to be treated by laser ablation or sclerotherapy (injections). This test is a diagnostic test and is covered by insurance.