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Very tight neck

My neck is always tight. I get regular massages. Can chiropractic help?

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Massage followed with an adjustment will prove very beneficial
Yes, you could benefit with a chiropractic adjustment. Massages do not correct internal issues of spinal dysfunction.
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Yes a Chiropractor should be able to help you. In the mean time keep your neck and shoulders from getting chilled especially while sleeping. Put a towel or scarf over your neck while sleeping
Yes, chiropractic can definitely help! Depending on the type of job we have, it can place different amounts of stress onto the bones of the spine around the neck area. The neck naturally has a curve which allows the neck to properly support the weight of the head and allow for normal movement in any direction. When the curve in the neck decreases due to length of time in a forward head position such as computer work, reading, or performing tasks on the cellphone, it can change the tension of the muscles supporting the neck. When the head is not aligned properly, it can place lots of tension on the muscle on the back of the neck because the body is trying to increase the stability of the neck caused by the excess weight placed on the spine. Also when there is improper alignment in the neck, it can stretch the muscles and put them into an abnormal length while they are contracting and relaxing during neck movements.
Absolutely, chiropractic can help! Massage is great because it loosens the muscles and chiropractic joint care can help loosen the joints. Massage and chiropractic care work very well together.
Unequivocally, yes. Find a chiropractor that can get a great set of X-rays to go with your spinal care. You will be amazed.

Massage will only work temporarily. Your cervical spine is out of position, you need to see a chiropractor for proper care.
Hello and thank you for your question. Yes, chiropractic could be of help in this instance. I would recommend having your issue evaluated, then the provider can make recommendations for treatment. 

Yours in health,
Dr. Chris
More than likely, there is a reason that your neck muscles continue to get tight even after a massage. Usually, there will be dysfunction of the cervical (neck) joints that is causing the muscles to tighten. Manipulation of the cervical spine may be very helpful in combination with the massage.
Yes, Chiropractic can help. The nervous system is amazing. The nerves that come from the cervical spine go directly to the muscles in the neck and upper back. If there is compression of a nerve in the neck the muscles cannot work properly. Let me give you an example. Lets say you are outside watering your garden. Your husband sneaks up on you and bends the hose so the water flow is reduced. This is what can happen with the nervous system.
Yes. Chiropractic works much differently than massage, and usually quickly for neck pain.
Yes, chiropractic can help. If the pain in your neck is due to misalignments in your spine/neck, then the tiny interosseous muscles will try to pull back the vertebra in its proper location. Although massages will temporarily help if there is a structural issue in your neck, try receiving regular chiropractic adjustments and see what happens when the muscles no longer are struggling to pull back the mislocated vertebra.
Yes, chiropractic can benefit your condition. Neck tightness might be due to neck muscles themselves but it can also come from joint problems in the spine that secondarily cause the muscles to be overactive.
Yes, in my clinical experience, I have seen a lot of patients improve with care who were getting massages regularly and still experiencing neck stiffness. Joint dysfunction can make a region feel stiff as the muscles that cross over those joints are no longer moving well in their own space. Stiffness and sharp pain with movement are common. Since your neck stiffness is not improving with massage, that's a good indicator that there is something going on at the joint complex level.
Yes. Chiropractic is very beneficial for tightness surrounding muscles and joints. With proper evaluation, Chiropractic, and the numerous modalities used can truly decrease spasms and increase range of motion and functional movement.
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There is a lot of synergy between chiropractic care and massage therapy. I recommend everyone see both periodically to keep the body well maintained. They are both distinct and unique practices, but both the muscles and joints work together so you can understand how they both have their benefits. I suggest that you find a chiropractor in your area with a great reputation and get evaluated. You won't know what is happening in your body until you have an expert to check it out and offer their recommendations. Every day habits not only create tension, but sometimes can lead to dysfunction in the spine and nervous system. Minor misalignments in the spine are common (even when they are not yet painful) but the good news is that they can easily and quickly be corrected by a highly skilled Doctor of Chiropractic.
Definitely. What you may find out is that the cervical spine is out of alignment. This may be the root cause of the muscle tension. Once the the spine is stabilized, the need for regular massages may decrease and become more relaxing than therapeutic.
Yes it can
Absolutely, having a so called "tight" neck can be a problem posturally, and regular chiropractic adjustments can eliminate any stress from the spine. Also look into soft tissue release to address muscular or tendinous structures, following an exam of course.
Yes, chiropractic can help to relieve neck pain and tightness.
Thank you for your question. People that get massages often feel great for hours to days but the pain typically comes back. For this reason, the addition of chiropractic is a great treatment protocol. While the massage therapist is working on the muscles, the chiropractor can ensure that the bones of the neck are moving the way they should be.
Chiropractic care is very effective at relieving neck pain attributed to tight muscles. Massage is another helpful option too, but the adjustments will help break through adhesions and increase joint mobility in your neck.
Muscles move bones, bit bones or vertebra provide structure and shape to the body. So, in most cases, yes an adjustment will alleviate your neck pain. Get evaluated. Most insurance covers it. If not, ask the clinic for a cash discount for 3-6 visits.