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Is watermelon good for patients with diabetes?

I know I have to include more fruits to my diet. My friend suggested to me to eat watermelon? Would this be okay? I always thought that melons like watermelon is full of sugar?

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Most diabetics can eat small amounts of food that have sugar in it. Fruits are great, but some fruits have more sugar than we want you to eat. Fruits like grapes, watermelon, mango, and others, can raise your sugars, but if you have a small amount, it is fine.
The answer is what does it do to your sugar 1 hour post meal. If your glucose is high then if you are trying to control the diabetes with diet then no you can't enjoy it. Too bad. It is my experience that watermelon increases the sugar. This goes for any food you wonder about.
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Dear patient: 1 cup of watermelon contains about 12 to 15 grams of carbs in it. It can easily be intergrated into your dietary program.
To properly control your diabetes you should know which foods contain carbs, the different types of carbs with respect to the glycemic index of the food( this is an index showing the rate of rise of blood sugar with different carbs) and the quantity of carbs allowed in your dietary prescription. To get the requred knowledge to do well please ask your doctor to refer you to a nutritionist.
Marvin A Leder MD FACP FACE
It is correct to think that watermelon is full of sugar. It’s like juice. I would advise to avoid it together with melons. And try to limit yourself to fruits with low glucose index and high fiber. Fiber in a fruit and other foods will decrease sugar absorption and will not raise blood sugar too much.

Dr. Marina Strizhevsky, DO
Watermelon is neither good nor bad. It is how much you eat & when that matters most. Watermelon is mostly sugar water. That's not in itself bad to eat if you don't eat too much & time it with your diabetes medication so it can be covered. As St. Paul said "moderation in all things"
There is fructose, a sugar, in water melon. You can eat any type of fruit in moderation.