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What are the side effects of chiropractic treatment for kids?

My son is 15 and he's going to have chiropractic treatment this week to help with back pain he gets from playing sports. Are there any side effects of chiropractic treatment for a kid his age?

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It’s common to get sore after an adjustment but that should only last a day or two before improving. Other side effects include stress relief, pain relief, and more flexibility.
Usually the side effects are relief of symptoms. At times there is some soreness during or after the chiropractic manipulative therapy. In rare cases the pain may increase before it gets better. Proper evaluation would be needed to determine the best treatment plan.
The major side effects of chiropractic is feeling better, greater mobility and improved function. There can be slight ache the first few times if the subluxation has been there a long time but usually he will just feel better. Children are adjusted as soon as they are born so they can be free of any misalignments and subluxations created from the delivery process. So there is no age limit when you need to be adjusted
There should never be any side effects from seeing a chiropractor. Chiropractors are trained to assess and apply appropriate treatment for children as well as elderly who need more gentle care. Participation in various sports activities can leave unwanted side effects, such as lifting too much weight being lifted in workouts. Trained supervision is important for a school to consider in their athletic departments. Caution should be stressed with good supervised observation is needed to protect students from injury.
Some frequently reported side effects are:
Improved health, increased energy, better moods, stronger immune system, improved grades at school. It also has been noticed that children getting chiropractic treatments get sick less often and are less prone to getting aches and pains such as "growing pains"
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You are making a good choice in taking your son to a chiropractor. If you have ever read a warning label, like on milk, cereal, or gasoline, you know that everything that can possibly go wrong has to be told ahead of time. Chiropractic is so incredibly safe, that even in the world of warning labels for everything, we didn't have to have a consent form until pretty recently. To answer your question, though, the most common response to a chiropractic treatment is that the patient feels so much better, and very quickly. The most common "side effect" is that sometimes a patient will be a little sore, as if from exercise. Usually, 10-15 minutes of cold or ice helps relieve the symptoms.

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Side effects of chiropractic back pain:

-Bowel regularity
-Improved mental clarity
-Ear infections
-Neck pain
-Arthritis and joint pain
-Blood pressure
-Healthy pregnancy
-Organ function
-Surgery prevention
He will most likely feel better faster than you would. It is one of the safest of any healing art. Do not worry.
A Chiropractic examination will determine any possible complications to care. For the usual 15 year old Male patient with no history of serious trauma, there should be no adverse effects.