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What are some stretches my son can do at home for back pain?

My son plays a lot of sports and he gets a lot of back pain as a result. We have taken him to a chiropractor before and an adjustment does help him, but we can't take him to a chiropractor all the time. Are there any stretches or exercises he can do at home to help his back pain?

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My favorite low back exercises... YouTube “Lower back workout with Dr. Eric Goodman.” The video is 11:59 long. It’s a great routine for getting out of pain but more importantly strengthening and keeping out of pain. It’s a video from Dr. Goodman’s Foundation Training which is a whole program I suggest looking up as well.
Yes. And you should ask your chiropractor that question since they already have a history with him and should know the best ones to suggest.
I would contact the previous provider so that they could help you with stretches concerning your son’s specific case.
One of the best stretches he can do for the preservation of his low back, is called the Cobra pose, from yoga.

It's very similar to a push-up, but his pelvis stays on the floor, so that his lower back is arched.

one surprising thing that helps relieve lower back pain, is it stretching all the muscles in the legs, especially the ones on the inner thighs, the abductors and adductors. Many times chronic low back pain comes from having tight leg muscles. stretching those out helps relieve the tension on the pelvis that the low back muscles have to compensate for.

Always remember, you should talk to your chiropractor before starting your son and any stretching or exercise routine. Also, stretching is good, and necessary. But it does not replace what chioropractic does for the spine.
Good question. Stretching and strengthening is a very important component of posture and spinal well-being. Below are a few links that contain great stretches and some yoga poses that can be performed regularly to ease back pain. I hope you find them helpful:

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The Chiropractor should have ideas for specific stretches or exercises for your son's case. For most of my patients I recommend Wall Angel exercises and Lumber Extension stretches like Cobra Pose in yoga. You should be able to find plenty of videos on YouTube for demonstrations of these 2.