Internist Questions Breast Cancer

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

My friend's mother says that she's been feeling strange for the last 6 months. She says that she has nausea sometimes and that she feels pain in her breasts. Could this be a breast cancer? What are the symptoms?

5 Answers

Pain in both breasts is not a typical symptom of cancer, but she should get checked and have a mammogram.
Does she check her own breasts? Has she seen a gynecologist or had a mammogram lately? Her symptoms are not likely to be cancer, but all women should be doing what I  have suggested routinely. 
The symptoms you describe suggest that this is not breast cancer. Most cancers of the breast are painless solitary lumps. A breast exam and possibly imagining need to be done.
The most common finding is a mass felt by patient or her medical provider or an abnormality seen on mammogram. Symptoms of pain are not very reliable and not feeling well and nausea could be so many things but if has not had a recent mammogram or breast exam by a medical provider I would recommend that as a first step as well as discussing her other symptoms with them so that could be worked up as well. Would have those things done right away.
In general breast cancer is asymptomatic. Also in general bilateral breast pain is not a symptom of breast cancer. However, she should go to her gynecologist for a clinical examination and then get a mammogram and ultrasound.