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What are the best ear drops for an ear infection?

I am a 32 year old female and I have an ear infection. What are the best ear drops for an ear infection?

3 Answers

It depends on what type of ear infection you have. Inner ear infections are usually treated with oral antibiotics. If you have otitis externa, also called swimmers ear, it's treated with antibiotic drops. They all actually work quite well and I would take whichever one was covered. If it is swimmers ear/otitis externa, find a way to make sure that you are keeping your ears dry.
An ear drop will sometimes do justice for an outer ear infection.
Ear infections can be caused by several organisms and it will be to your benefit to have your home Dr. take a sterile swab for culture and sensitivity as the need arises assuming there is a ear discharge. It would be prudent to see your Dr. with regards to this ear infection.
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