Chiropractor Questions Neck Pain

What are the the best ways to relieve neck pain?

I slept wrong two nights ago, and now my neck is in so much pain. Is there anything that I can do at home to relieve this pain?

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Some light stretching and massage can be helpful. I would ultimately get it checked by your chiropractor to make sure everything is aligned correctly.

When you feel like your neck pain happens when you wake up and you think that you slept wrong, you should contact your chiropractor the same day to make an appointment for an evaluation and treatment. The earlier you do so, the least amount of time it will take to go away.

If you can’t have an appointment on the same day, you can apply heat (with a heat pad) on the affected area and leave it for 12-15 min at a time 2-3 times per day. Remember when you apply a heat pad, have a layer of a towel or two under it to avoid overheating. You can also use some over the counter pain relieving cream like Arnika, Tiger balm or Biofreeze, but REMEMBER THAT IF YOU USE THE CREAM CONTAINING MENTHOL OR CAMPHOR, YOU CANNOT USE THE HEAT PAD RIGHT ON TOP OF IT OR RIGHT AFTER IT because it could irritate/burn the skin under it. So, use those two things at least an hour away from each other. Taking hot showers/bath/hot tub can also help temporarily.
You may have strained your neck and caused a pinched nerve. Chiropractic manipulation is your best choice of treatment for this.
A lot of times a few simple things can help with this. You can start by applying ice to the area for 15 minutes to try to improve inflammation. It is important to know that when sleeping your neck needs to be in a neutral position. If you lay on your side while sleeping you will want to keep your neck straight in line with the rest of your spine. It is important to not have too little pillow support and equally as important to not have too many pillows under your head. In either case you can cause unnecessary strain on your neck when sleeping. Try these tricks out. If that does not help, consult with a chiropractor that can help correct any damage that may have occurred to the neck.
At home rest, ice, heat, stretch, massage. If that is not working call your physician.
Ice first for 2 to 3 days. Then, if no better, see a chiropractor.
Try stretching and heat first. If that doesn't help consider visiting a chiropractor that uses soft tissue techniques.
Your best bet is to see your local Doctor of Chiropractic ASAP! They can quickly figure it out.
I recommend scheduling a visit with a Chiropractor to align your neck and treat any tight muscles of the neck. Home therapy should include ice, heat, and stretching the neck.
You can try heat application to relax your muscles to decrease your pain. It could be a stiff neck, but if your symptoms persist, consult with your doctor.
Chiropractic adjustment and stretches can help a lot.