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What are the most effective treatments for acne?

I am a 21 year old female who has been struggling with acne since I was 17. What are the most effective treatments for acne?

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Acne can be caused by hormonal problems or simple hygiene issues. Go to a proper dermatologist for advise and care. The cost of good short term care is much better than years of suffering and scarring with cheap home-care products.
That is a very difficult question!! Several variables depending on type and severity. Certainly an antibiotic in the tetracycline family orally will help. There are many topical treatments also mostly dependent on your skin type and severity. See your dermatologist!
There are several excellent over the counter medications to try if your acne is localized. Differin gel is the newest. It is a retinoud, in the same family as Retin A, but milder. You can use it all iver your face and is heloful for treating blacjheads and minor acne. If you gave pustules or cysts (bumps that can be tendet) then buy benzoyl peroxide gel. The 10% strength is strongest and should dry a pimple in a few days. If your acne is extensive then you may need to see a dermatologist for something oral
Depends the type of acne, cystic, nodular and papulo pustular are some forms. Antibiotics, topicals and isotretinoin are options. Please visit your dermatologist to get more recommendations and for your yearly skin exams.