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What are the treatment options for a cracked tooth?

My 12 year old son cracked his tooth eating a piece of candy. What are the treatment options for a cracked tooth?

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If it is baby tooth it needs extraction and if it is permanent tooth restoration.
A dentist has to diagnose the tooth. Depending on the diagnosis:

1. Crown
2. Filling
3. Extraction for vertical fracture
You need to get seen by a pediatric dentist that will evaluate why the tooth cracked, and which type of tooth cracked (adult or baby tooth)
Sorry to hear about your son's tooth; unfortunately sometimes they crack without notice.
It depends on how and where the tooth is cracked. Also, since your son is 12 it is most likely a permanent (adult) tooth although it could be a primary (baby) tooth. If it is a small crack, it might be able to put some bonding or a filling on it. If it is bigger it might need a crown, or if it is cracked in a bad location, it might be the end of that tooth.
Good luck!
There would need to be an evaluation and x-ray of the tooth to see the level of the fracture/crack. It may be as simple as a filling, or the tooth could require a root canal or an extraction. Check with a dentist to see what options you have.
The treatment decision will depend on how deeply the tooth is cracked. A superficial crack in the enamel can usually be fixed with a filling. If the tooth is more deeply cracked or a large part of the tooth is missing usually the best way to go is a crown. This can be either a stainless steel crown which is commonly used in pediatrics or a porcelain fused to metal crown which is more common for adults. If the crack extends into the nerve of the tooth, usually the treatment will be a root canal followed by a crown. 

Marc D. Thomas, DDS

It really depends on what tooth it is. If it is a primary tooth then at 12 it should be removed. It is a permanent tooth then one has to determine the extent and location of the fracture.

It could need anything from a restoration to a crown and root canal.
My first inclination is that this is a baby tooth because a permanent tooth has to be severely weakened to crack. That aside, if the crack is minor and not into the nerve, it can be bonded or crowned. If into the nerve, then a root canal or extraction might be indicated.
If it is a baby tooth you remove it. If it is a permanent tooth you can bond it or crown it. It may need a root canal if there is nerve damage.