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What are the treatment options for an infected tooth?

I am a 27-year-old female with an infected tooth and I want to treat it. What are the treatment options for an infected tooth?

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Taking antibiotics and visiting your dentist or oral surgeon for treatment.
Usually two options only. Extract the infected tooth or seek root canal treatment
If the tooth is restorable, a root canal and crown would be the treatment. If not restorable, extraction would be needed
The infection needs to be treated. If there is adequate tooth structure remaining, root canal therapy is a common solution. The only other option would be an extraction.

To resolve the issue of an infected tooth, one must remove the source of the infection... making the assumption that your infected tooth refers to an infection of the inside of your tooth (pulp chamber and the root(s) canal(s)), two choices may be available: an extraction or root canal therapy. Both options will remove the source of the infection, but only will allow you to keep that tooth. Once the root canal is completed, you must also repair (restore) the tooth properly. If you remove the tooth, you may need to replace it to maintain a proper bite function.
There are a few options with an actively infected tooth. Without X-rays and proper diagnostic tools, I will do my best to help answer this. First, a root canal is an option. It removes the infection and cleans up the tooth. A filling or a build-up and then a crown is needed after this process. This option is best if there is enough healthy tooth structure remaining. Option 2 is removal of the infected tooth and then replacement of the tooth with an implant or bridge.  
I recommend seeking professional advice in person and then going from there. Please take care of it soon, as it is an active infection in your body. It needs attention.    
Your options are root canal or extraction which to take it out and get an implant to replace it. You can also extract it and do nothing.
The treatment will depend on the level of the infection. If the tooth has a cavity that has not progressed into the nerve of the tooth then a filling may be all you need. Otherwise if more of the tooth is involved, a root canal or extraction may be suggested.