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What are the treatment options for oral ulcers?

I am a 42 year old male who suffers from oral ulcers and I want it treated. What are the treatment options for oral ulcers?

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It is important to know what is causing the ulcers. Many people have food allergies and contact on membranes can cause ulcers. Ulcers can also form on the lips and mouth due to stress, like cold sores, and sunlight. In the worst case scenario, it could be a hpv or syphilis ulcer. Best to have your doctor check this out and diagnose the issue.
Over the counter medicines
You can, but OTC products for oral ulcers like Zovirax and orabase with benzocaine et al. Try to reduce stress, eating spicy acidic foods like tomatoes, grapefruit. Sometimes a prescription mouthwash like Magic Swizzle helps.

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There are many kinds of lesions that can form in the mouth. Always see a dentist to rule out any pathology of the ulcer. If the ulcer is a "canker sore" or apthous ulcer, then you can always try some oral rinses to help. However, the canker sore will take its course before healing completely - typically 1-2 weeks.
The key to treating oral ulcers is treating them at the first sign of onset. A dentist can treat them with a LASER to speed along the healing process and skip the painful ulcerated state. Medications can be prescribed for you to have on hand to take at the first sign of ulcer formation (the first burning symptom). Some patients find eliminating spicy and acidic foods help to decrease the onset of ulcers.