Oncologist Questions Prostate Cancer

What are the treatment options for prostate cancer?

My friend is 45 years old and he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. What are the treatment options for prostate cancer?

3 Answers

Depending on stage ,Gleason score and PSA.Early stage (T1 or T2)can be treated with surgery or radiation therapy ( IMRT)with equal result but different side effects. High stage(T3,T4),High Gleason score=>7 to 10 will need a combined ADT (hormonal therapy)with radiation therapy.Before deciding on treatment, see urologist radiation oncologist and medical oncologist. Ask all questions regarding stage,Gleason score and PSA results why the doctors recommend that treatment.
As with any cancer, treatment options range from local surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and sometimes, ablative treatments. It depends on the staging and extent of disease. This would best be addressed by the patient's oncologist or urologist.
Without knowing the specifics of his cancer, I can only speak in general terms. Radiation therapy targeting the prostate or surgery to remove it are the mainstays of treatment. Occasionally hormonal therapy or other forms of hormonal manipulation may also be entertained.