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ā€œWhat are the treatments offered for a herniated disc?ā€

I am a 42-year-old female and was diagnosed with a herniated disc. What are the treatments offered for a herniated disc?

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Google, You Tube or Wikipedia. There are many.
Personally, Iā€™d like to come by and chiropractic adjustments with exercises for herniated discs, but physical therapy is very helpful and acupuncture can be very helpful as well. Sometimes I will recommend, if the pain is bad enough, that patients get an oral steroid or a steroid injection to ease the pain to start treatment.
Physical therapy in the form of ice , HVG, Flextion-Distaction.
First and foremost, is the chiropractic adjustment to take pressure off of the area? Also included for treatment options are:


-pain meds and giving it time

-physical therapy

-surgery if the herniation is severe and has not responded to the previously mentioned options.

In our clinic, we use the DRX 9000 decompression program that has been clinically shown to be 90% effective for treating herniated disc in the lower back.
The most common in a chiropractic office is electrical muscle stimulation to relieve spasms and tension combined with spinal manipulation and traction to reduce disc compression allowing the herniation to retract. At one point in time as you progress, active rehab should be introduced to help strengthen muscles and ligaments. Some offices offer spinal decompression, which is a more advanced form of traction that is very effective.

There are several options from stretches, exercise physiology, flexion/distraction, e-stim, and chiropractic adjustments of the structure. These are very beneficial, if you have not seen a chiropractic physician. You can set up an appointment for an evaluation and treatment to discuss the treatment.
Thank you.
There are many different treatments for a herniated disc. I recommend trying all of the conservative methods before considering surgery. You may try cortisone injections, physical therapy, and Chiropractic. My best recommendation for a herniated disc would be Chiropractic and Physical Therapy.