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What are the treatment options for hypothyroidism?

I'm 40 years old, and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism by my doctor just a few days ago. My doctor hasn't discussed the treatment options with me yet. How is this usually treated?

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Dear patient,

HypothyroIdism is treated by thyroid hormone replacement therapy. Your doctor will figure out the starting dose and then will increase it till your blood work and clinical status indicate you are controlled. It is important to take the medication daily at least 30 minutes before breakfast and wIthout any other meds you may be on.


Marvin A. Leder, MD FACP FACE
If you have hypothyroidism, there is only one treatment and that is thyroid medication, which is extremely safe and only replaces the thyroid that your body is unable to make anymore.

Dr. Norwood
We have many replacement thyroid hormonal medications, like Levothyroxine, Synthroid, Armor, Nature thyroid, Tirosit, etc.
Treatment is simple. It will be a thyroid hormone medication that you will have to take on an empty stomach once a day. It replaces the hormone that you would have normally made. Finding the correct dose will take time, but it will not be a major disruption to your life.
We usually recommend levothyroxine weight based dose with monitoring of tsh to adjust the dose with time
There’s only one option! Start thyroid hormone replacement with a pill every morning.
Well you don't have many options. The treatment for hypothyroid is to replace what is missing I. e. take thyroid pills. Treatment is easy-take one thyroid pill per day on an empty stomach. The problem is getting the dose of thyroid medicine right. This requires a few visits to the Dr. to draw blood to measure the free thyroxin level & the thyroid stimulating hormone until both are in the normal range, then the test can be checked less often i.e. once or twice a year. That's all there is to it. I have this also & take my thyroid once a day & get checked twice a year. There is really no other treatment for hypothyroid. Give it a try & once you get to normal, you will feel much better.