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What can be the cause of my gum pain?

I am a 36 year old female who has had gum pain for almost 3 weeks. Should I see a dentist? What is the cause?

4 Answers

Yes you should see your dentist. Over time plaque builds up on your teeth which starts to harden which can cause inflammation around your gums which can cause pain. Depending on the progression of the inflammation you may need more than a regular cleaning to treat your gums
Gum pain can be the result of many different causes and it is difficult to tell you the cause without an examination. Any pain that lasts more than two weeks should be looked at by a dentist. I would recommend you see your dentist as you are past the two week mark.
Yes, it is recommended to see a dentist if you experience any kind of oral pain. Gum pain can be a number of things, including gingivitis or tooth related abscess or infection.
Many possibilities, but top responses would be gum diseases (Periodontitis), ulcers, or tooth infection.