Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist) Questions Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

What causes electrolyte disorders?

My sister was recently diagnosed with an electrolyte disorder, not sure which one. But, I recently read about electrolyte disorders, which could cause complications and even kidney failure. What could cause disorders with electrolytes? How can they be prevented?

2 Answers

I am not sure about what kind of electrolyte disorders your sister is having. Treatment and prevention depends on the kind of electrolyte imbalance. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, poor po intake, alcohol intake, excessive water intake, liver disease, kidney disease, thyroid problem, adrenal problem, medications, over-the-counter supplements, etc., can cause electrolyte abnormalities. Severe hypercalcemia causes kidney injury by different mechanisms. Prolonged low potassium can cause a concentrating defect in the kidney and polyuria.
Hope this will help you.
Plenty of fluids daily and check your kidney lab often.
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