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What causes teeth to come in crooked?

I am a 21 year old male. I want to know what causes teeth to come in crooked?

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So many different reasons, but main reasons are as follows:

-Impacted teeth
Genetics. Poor diet. Heath issues
That’s a great question!!!! It really depends how how much space you have in your mouth for teeth to come in. Teeth will erupt in the position that they should be as long as there is space for the tooth. Jaw size is often determined by genetics and what you eat. I highly recommend that you read Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic.
So many factors. Basically It is mother nature
I don’t think that anyone knows!
That is a complex question. Some of the reasons are:

-Over retained baby tooth
-Cyst or underlying disorder
Usually limited space in the oral cavity. Sounds unfortunate, but should have been evaluated in the teenage years and had orthodontic correction.

A very interesting question to discuss. Teeth are crooked for a number of reasons; however, they usually come in (erupt) crooked due to a lack of space. This lack of space is usually caused by a skeletal malocclusion (the jaw bones are too small to fit all the teeth) or sometimes a more local problem, like one tooth erupted but leaned over and now the next tooth has to turn to come into the mouth. If our jaws do not grow by the right amount at the right time there will not be enough space for all the teeth to come in and fit side-by-side. Since teeth continue to erupt, they will twist, turn, and lean to fit all the way in. This is also why people used to wear "head gear" braces. These were not to straighten teeth, but to advance or slow down the growth of the jaws to allow the teeth to come in straight. However, they do not stay straight.
As we get older, teeth tend to move because they are balancing a few different forces throughout the day. The upper lip is supported by the upper teeth (Think about what someone looks like when they take out their denture). Your upper lip is also supported by your lower teeth (when you rest your mouth, the edges of your upper lip touch your lower lip. This is what we refer to as the wet dry line of the lower lip). Every time we swallow our tongue moves forward and upward and is supported by the upper teeth. As we chew or bite into things we cause forces in different directions. This means teeth are constantly balancing among forces pulling/pushing them in different directions; but, this is all after they erupt or come into the mouth. Hope this helps.

My best to you!

William F. Scott IV, DMD
You probably do not have the space required for the teeth. Also you may be a mouth breather and have and have a high vault on the roof of your mouth and have forces in your mouth causing your arch to be narrow or V shaped. If you snore this is a predictor of Sleep disturbed Breathing or SBD.