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What could be the cause of my jaw pain?

I am a 32-year-old male who has been experiencing jaw pain for 2 weeks now. What could be the cause? Should I see a doctor?

5 Answers

You can possibly be grinding or clenching. Might need a night guard
There could be many things that could be contributing to your jaw pain. You should go see a doctor.
You should see a dentist who's experienced in occlusal matters - jaw pain can come from a variety of sources, including infection, muscle pain from improper bite relationships, etc., and it's impossible to advise you without a good examination being done.
There are many things that can cause jaw pain so yes seeing a dentist is important. It can be from clenching or grinding at night or during the day. It can be caused from an infected tooth or broken tooth. So seeing a provider and getting appropriate x-rays will help determine where your pain is coming from.
Jaw pain can be related to several factors including parafunctional habits like grinding or clenching at night or during the day. It can be related to impacted wisdom teeth, jaw bone pathology, or trauma to the face. See a dentist to rule out any dental and teeth related issues.