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What could lower back pain mean?

I'm 45 years old, and I have been experiencing lower back pain for more than a month. What can be the cause? Should I see a doctor? I've had zero injuries in this past month and a half.

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Pain is often the last thing to appear in repetitive motion or degenerative process. It could be from little stressors over time such as lifting or sitting long periods. The pain could be a result of nerve or joint irritation in your spine. Personally, I’m always going to the chiropractor to get my back/spine evaluated if I have an issue like that.
Since it’s been a month or longer, it seems that something may be out of adjustment with the mechanics of the spine. I would recommending seeing a chiropractor for an evaluation to see if you are a good candidate for care.
Common causes are lumbar facet loading, muscle spasms, poor posture, or nerve dysfunction. If you have pain for more than 2 weeks, you should see a doctor.
I am sorry to hear you are having low back pain. Low back pain can be caused by many things, some of which are very serous. Without a proper examination, it is impossible to accurately diagnose. I would recommend seeing a doctor to have your pain properly assessed and diagnosed.

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Bernard Olson D.C.
Usually, it means your sacro iliac joints are locked up.
The cause of lower back pain can be many things. Simplest is a simple strain, structures not in a normal alignment, infections, passing kidney stones, disc injuries, bladder infections, or even as bad as a metastatic cancer. You should be evaluated by your doctor and a chiropractor, hopefully they will be able to coordinate your evaluation. Being a chiropractor, I usually try it first. If your findings are found to be out of the chiropractic field, the chiropractor will refer you to an appropriate doctor.
You require a spinal exam from a chiro. Most likely small amounts of wear and tear have added up over time. Smart to get this addressed now not later!
I would recommend at least X-rays of the pain area.
Several things can cause this pain. In males an enlarged prostate. In females urinary tract and/or bladder infection. The most common in my experience is musculoskeletal imbalance that has developed over a long period of time which has now advanced to the point of the symptomatic stage. Lumbar disc problems can also develop this way. It is hard to understand how this happened with no injury involved but it does.

If you are having low grade fever, frequent difficult urination with a burning sensation see an MD to rule out the possibilities that I mentioned in the first sentence of this response. If not, see a chiropractor.
Hi, yes you should see your doctor; more specifically, you should see your chiropractic doctor. Unfortunately our past scrapes, falls, traumas, or even stresses to our lower backs don't get erased from our history after a few months. 45 is still young and vibrant, however you don't want to be dealing with pain and discomfort day in and day out. Your local chiropractor can take a thorough history, do a detailed examination, and take the proper images if your particular case dictates you need them. Best of luck with low back pain. If you ever need a referral or have other questions, let me know!

Since this is new and have no injuries should first see your primary care physician. It's best to rule out an organ referral pain pattern (kidneys, prostrate, etc.) and get blood work. If no internal health problem are present then see a chiropractor. Chiropractors are doctors that specialize in back pain from biomechanics, disc, muscle, and nerve-related dysfunction.
Your first action should be to see a Chiropractor for an examination. They will be able to identify the cause of your back pain as well as treat it. Physical Therapy is also a good option if you have any muscular imbalances.