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What do you wear to a chiropractor appointment?

I have an appointment with a chiropractor next week. Should I wear anything special for my appointment? Like sweats? This is for an adjustment.

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We recommend something comfortable!
You don’t have to wear anything special, but it does help to dress comfortably.
Daily clothes.
Dress like you are going to the gym. Do not wear anything with metal on it just in case you have to get X-rays.
For most chiropractors anything is fine. However, easiest not in a dress.
Comfortable clothes easy to move around in.

When you go to a chiropractic appointment you can wear your usual clothes and not worry about it. The chiropractor should be able to adjust you whatever you wear. But the easiest for everybody to avoid having the chiropractor having to cover you or change you into a gown is to wear something comfortable and not too tight. Avoid wearing jeans that are really tight as it makes it harder to adjust sometimes. If you are able to dress before the appointment wearing lose clothes or sweats would be ideal but again your chiropractor will be able to adjust you in whatever clothes you come in with.

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Dr. Jessica Grichy, DC
It is best to wear comfortable clothing for your adjustment. Tight fitting clothing that does not stretch, a dress or skirt, or short shorts should be avoided. A pair of sweats is perfect, but not necessary unless that is convenient for you. We have sweats at our office for patients to change into for X-rays on the initial visit since you cannot be wearing any metal for the X-rays.  
Normal street clothes. If your chiropractor is performing other therapies such as ultrasound, they may require you to get into a gown, but these days, most don't unless there are concerns about clothing if there is a need to get to an unexposed area.
You want to wear loose-fitting clothes---sweat pants, leggings, spandex-type clothes---not something real tight like blue jeans.

Dr. David Leonard
Pants are most comfortable.
Any kind of active wear is best. Flexible and thin material is best to work with as a Chiropractor.
Nope, there is not a dress code, although if you have long hair or a high collared shirt, your chiropractor may be required to work around similar types of obstacles.
I would just dress comfortable. Nothing too tight fitting or bulky & while dresses and skirts are fine- it is patient preference.