Naturopathic Physician Questions Psoriasis

What does naturopathic medicine include?

I have been contemplating switching to naturopathy for my routine health issues (migraine, psoriasis). Would naturopathic medicine be worth a shot? I'm not comfortable using heavy and potentially dangerous prescriptions.

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Naturopathic medicine is a great option for anyone seeking alternatives to prescription medications. Naturopathic doctors can prescribe certain medications, but prefer to get the root of disease and treat using natural solutions. This can include herbs, nutrition, supplementation, or lifestyle modifications.
I believe naturopathic medicine would be a great option for someone experiencing migraines and psoriasis. A naturopathic doctor would likely try to understand why these are occurring in the first place. Also, there are many alternatives to medication that can be used as interventions for those conditions.
I have seen a lot of success treating migraines and psoriasis without medications. The body is comprised of many systems that communicate with one another. A closer look at gut health and nutrition may help here. When we find and treat the root cause, it is absolutely possible to treat migraines and psoriasis - for good!
Absolutely, we treat the cause!

Thanks for your question. While each state in the US has different laws and regulations on what aspects of their training a Naturopathic Doctor is permitted to do, I suggest checking out my webpage on what modalities (tools and therapies) we’re trained in as well as our medical philosophy. You’ll see that we don’t go to “heavy and potentially dangerous prescriptions” you’re concerned about as a first approach like conventional medicine does, but rather as a last resort.

***Please note, if the practitioner has an ND or NMD title after their name, they are trained as I describe in my site. If they do “naturopathy” or are labeled as a naturopath, but don’t have the doctor/ND/NMD title, they may be a practitioner of herbs, homeopathics, etc., but do not have the extensive natural medicine training or medical school background that a naturopathic doctor has.
Hello, I believe you would be a great candidate for naturopathic medicine. We focus on a whole-body approach - where we focus on nutritional, supplemental/herbal, and lifestyle recommendations to address your issues and prevent future disease from occurring.
Naturopathic medicine is definitely worth a shot. Naturopathic doctors seek and treat the cause if migraines, psoriasis and other conditions, rather than just treat symptoms. We remove the obstacles to cure and provide anything that is missing (nutrients you may be deficient in) so the body can heal itself.

Dr. Joan Waters
Check with your local ND, if they specialize with symptoms of Psoriasis. At our office we do, but it is very individual recommendation, since every is different and the cause of it usually is different
Yes! Naturopathic medicine can be used to treat many routine, as well as more complicated health issues. Naturopathic medicine will help you find and treat the root cause of these issues, rather than trying to manage them with medications. I use this approach successfully with patients everyday in my practice. Patients are so happy to have a better understanding of what causes their symptoms and treatments that not only resolve their symptoms but contribute to improving their overall health and wellbeing.
I would suggest you seek out a licensed Naturopathic physician that has gone through a 4 year program and passed their boards to be licensed. Naturopathic medicine can help you find the root cause of your health issues such as migraines and psoriasis. I recently saw a 86 yr old male that had had psoriatic arthritis for years and was able to eliminate his symptoms, pain and he has not had a flare in 3 months.
Yes, Naturopathic Medicine could help.

Yes, Naturopathic Medicine can treat migraines and psoriasis, and we have many patients in our practice with these conditions.

Thank you.
Yes. Naturopathic Doctors look at the whole body and try to find the route cause of your issues. Find a Naturopathic Doctor near you to help you with your concerns
“Food is your medicine and medicine is you Food.” Father of Medicine - Hippocrates.

In a word, absolutely ...

For migraines and psoriasis, disorders that are very treatable given a good diagnostic workup and are fairly common occurrences seeing someone with experience in both the workup and treatment aspect is well worth your time.

We see these disorder regularly in our clinic and see major changes, without prescriptions, however you should be aware that we use rx's as needed, when appropriate.
Naturopathic medicine is a great option for the conditions listed above. The root cause(s) need(s) to be found. You need to find a naturopathic doctor who specializes in those areas.
It depends on the state that you are in. If you are contemplating switching to Naturopathic doctor, be sure that they have graduated from an accredited University and passed their state board exams. In some states, Naturopathic doctors are considered primary care doctors and can work with you as a patient with many of your routine health issues.
I think so, but of course, I am biased, having practiced Naturopathic medicine for over 30 years. There are many NDs around, but many different styles of practice and specializations. Also, check in your state to see if NDs are practicing under a state law, otherwise unregulated practice can be inconsistent. For your problems and your interest in using natural approaches, an ND could be a great fit.
Naturopathic medicine includes identifying the underlying cause of your health issues and creating a plan specifically for you. Not all 50 states have a scope of practice for Naturopathic physicians, so depending on where you like the plan created can vary, however naturopathic therapies can include, but not limited to the following: Diet/Nutrition, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, botanical medicine, Chinese herbals, lifestyle counseling, etc.
Naturopathic medicine aims at treating the root cause of illness vs medication that turn off symptoms. There are many causes for migraines from hormones to structural alignment of the neck. In addition, some food(s) may trigger migraines. Consulting with a licensed naturopathic doctor can help you with both migraines and psoriasis.
Naturopathic practice is based on the belief in the body's ability to heal itself. As for myself, my first approach is through nutritional interventions, looking for possible nutritional deficiencies, Myco-toxicities through contaminated foods, intestinal flora imbalances, candida\yeast over growths, etc., then the push towards physical medicine & rehabilitation.