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What is a healing cap on a dental implant?

I am a 28 year old male. I had dental implant surgery. I want to know what is a healing cap on a dental implant?

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A healing cap is a cover to guide the tissue at the gum margin as it heals after the implant is uncovered. It also prevents the gum from growing over the implant.
It’s the cover that is placed on top of the implant screw
A healing cap is a metal devise which screws into the implant structure which is in your bone and this healing cap allows the gum to grow up to the healing cap without covering the implant over. and allows a vacated area so the dentist can fit the crown abutment and crown into the implant in your bone. Kind of like a space saver!
The healing cap is something that the surgeon places on the implant once it has been exposed, usually after healing beneath the gums for a period of 3-6 months. The healing cap is used to keep the gum tissue from growing over the implant. The restorative dentist will remove the healing cap in order to take the appropriate impressions to make the crown that will either get cemented or screwed into the implant. While your final crown is being processed at the laboratory, the dentist replaces the healing cap for the same reasons of preventing the gums from over growing into and around the implant that is usually placed below the level of the adjacent gum tissues. In summary, the healing cap is a temporary piece that holds the shape of the gums around the implant itself.
The implant is like an open cylinder with a screw slot inside. Healing cap keeps the gum tissue from growing over the top of the implant for when it is utilized later on and keeps anything from getting inside the implant.Shapes the gum so that looks properly when the implant is finalized.

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When implants are placed, most times the "abutment" (it is the stump that protrudes from the gum ) is NOT installed for many weeks. The implant is placed in your jaw bone and has a hole where the abutment will be placed, the healing cap protects that hole so the gum does not grow over it. The healing cap is removed and the abutment will be placed in a healthy gum that surrounds your implant.
It is a temporary screw that is used between 2-6 months to allow the gum tissue over the implant to heal and mature. It is normally replaced with a definitive or final abutment. It is generally made of titanium or resin and reusable. Some are one time use only.
It is a small “dome” shape screw that covers the top of the implant to allow the gums to heal nice around the implant base so later on, a crown can be fabricated mimicking a natural tooth contour and emergence profile from the gum.
The healing cap is a specially fabricated component of an implant system. It is screwed into the implant at the time of placement or when the implant is "uncovered" ( ie exposed) to produce an access "port" through the gum tissue to the implant. This allows the last few steps of the crown fabrication to be done with easy access to the implant itself.
The healing cap is the piece that connects the implant to the oral cavity. It will keep the gum from growing into the spot for the crown.