Dentist Questions Mouth Sores

What is the cause of my mouth sores?

I get little sores inside my mouth every so often. I usually rinse with salt and water until they go away, but they happen too often. What could be causing them?

5 Answers

Change in diet? Certain foods can trigger this type of reaction. Herpes virus is another possibility. Reaction to Sodium laurel sulfate is a possibility. Make an appointment with your dentist and see what they say.
-Vitamins deficiency
-Poor absorption of nutrients in the intestine
There is a good chance it could be related to diet or even stress. There are different types of mouth sores (not just one) so I would seek advice of your dentist when this happens again to see if there is anything going on that is causing the occurrence.
Probably apthous ulcers. Can be caused by numerous things, usually a viral infection, stress, or eating acidic foods like tomatoes, hot sauce, orange juice, etc. Usually, they go away in a week to 10 days, but if they are a big problem, your dentist can prescribe a mouth rinse for them.
Sounds like the herpes virus. It comes out in times of stress and can last 2 weeks. Eating lots of chocolate or nuts, which are high in arginine, a basic amino acid, helps that virus to thrive. Cut out the nuts and chocolate and take lysine with vitamin C every day and you could almost eliminate them completely.

Alan B. Steiner, DMD