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What is the best eye surgery for nearsightedness?

I am a 31 year old male. I have nearsightedness. What is the best eye surgery for nearsightedness?

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Your ophthalmologist can help you identify if you are elegible for surgery and which one is the best for your condition.
This depends on the characteristics of your eye, but in general, PRK/LASIK are very good options.

Frank Cao
It depends on the prescription. Some rx benefit more from one type, others from a different type.

Usually LASIK, PRK, or SMILE but it depends on the degree of correction and other factors with your eyes.
It is important to have an individual evaluation, but if eyes are normal and healthy and your correction is in range, at your age LASIK is usually the best vision correction procedure for nearsightedness, also called myopia.

Mark F. Pyfer, MD, MS, FACS
Depending on how nearsighted you are, and the health and thickness of your cornea, Visian ICL or Lasik are two possible surgical options for you.
Lasik if surgery is what you want. Otherwise just use glasses, safest way
Hello, in a normal, otherwise healthy eye, Myopic Lasik is still the best treatment for nearsightedness in a 30 yo.
Lasik and ICL are the mainstays of refractive surgery at this time. The choice then depends on the specific refractive and eye anatomy of the patient, therefore a complete eye exam with specialized eye diagnostic testing and patient discussion is required to decide the best procedure.