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What is the best nasal spray for a sinus infection?

I am a 29 year old male and I have a sinus infection. What is the best nasal spray for a sinus infection?

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Would recomend to start using saline nasal sprays and even nasal irrigation ones, like neti pot. You can use this often. Others sprays to try otc would be fluticasone propionate (well known brand is flonase) but also you can obtained with your doctor, as a prescription and covered by insurance. Make sure the sinus does not turn into an infection, which in that case, will need to see a provider or doctor for further evaluation. Get well soon!
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Probably nasal saline spray as well as nasal steroid sprays such as OTC Fluticasone. Likely, an oral antibiotic is needed as well.

Dr. D

Hope all is well. I would use regular saline nasal spray for sinus infection to flush out secretions.

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Shima Hadidchi MD