Podiatrist Questions foot pain

What is the cause of my foot pain?

My right foot hurts. First it started with a burning sensation, but now it still burns and it's more painful. It's in my heel and middle of my foot but it has spread to the side of my foot as well. It's constantly resting, but it does not improve pain. Walking is VERY difficult, and now it has started on my left foot. I have had acupuncture, but it has made it worse. Help please.

Female | 45 years old
Complaint duration: One year
Medications: Larsatin
Conditions: High blood pressure and borderline diebeties

8 Answers

This sounds like a serious condition and there are a myriad of possible diagnoses - I would suggest you see a podiatrist immediately. There may be a need for a nerve work up and possibly some blood work. Best of luck to you and please, see someone soon.
Firstly, is the pain more intense when you stand up and walk after periods of rest?
Sounds like you may have heel spur syndrome or plantar fasciitis. It is basically inflammation in the plantar fascia (a ligament that connects from the bottom of the heel bone and the balls of your feet). This ligament helps to maintain the arch of your foot. If your foot is flat or arch collapses when your body weight is on your feet then this ligament stretches. This excess stretching causes micro tears in the plantar fascia - mostly at the heel - and will result in inflammation and swelling, which are the causes of pain.
Treatment includes ice and massage of the area; oral anti-inflammatory medications (Alleve, Motrin, etc.); topical pain & anti-inflammatory creams; stretching exercises; cortisone injections; arch supports or orthotics; soundwave therapy; amniotic infusion into the plantar fascia
If all fails, surgery is a final option; but thisntoo is not 100% guaranteed
Due to the duration of your symptoms and history of borderline diabetes, there may be a systemic component that is causing the pain. Many of the diabetic population develop similar symptoms, usually pointing to a condition known as peripheral neuropathy. With that being said, your description is a bit abnormal due to the distribution of your pain. I would recommend a face to face evaluation by a podiatrist first to make sure there are no other biomechanical factors playing a role in the pain you are feeling. If everything else is ruled out, a prescription for neuropathy specific medication would help relieve your pain.
If you have had pain for one year or more, and the pain is in multiple places, you will need to be assessed by a physician. Burning pain is often neurologic in nature, but it is unclear what is wrong with you from your description, and the problem may be more complex than your realize.
Buring sensation type of pain usually associates with a neurological problem. You can visit neurologist and podiatrist near you home for foot examination and treatment.
There may be multiple reasons for your symptoms. I recommend you be evaluated by a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) to determine the cause and the proper treatment.
You may have a pinched nerve somewhere in the foot possibly in the tarsal tunnel area. I would recommend seeing a physician.
You may be having plantar fasciitis symptoms and then compensating for the way you walk. See your podiatrist for treatment.