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What kind of therapy is best for bipolar disorder?

I am a 27 year old male. I want to know what kind of therapy is best for bipolar disorder?

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Bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance. You know YOU. It is two souls sharing one body. I would get tested see if certain medication can help start with controlling one side, then seek therapy like adult coloring books which I have on amazon. Research has shown that it can be from some deep deep trauma that needs released. Kundalini...remember, it is not you are crazy, you just are plunged into the subconscious.... This is not a treatment, just an educational answer.
The best therapy is working with a therapist that you trust.
You need to see a psychiatrist for the best therapies, medication, and counseling.
Either Dialectical Behavior Therapy or Cognitive-Behavior Therapy
You may want to address this to a Psychiatrist or Behavioral health provider since there are many available medications, but Cognitive Behavioral Therapy serves as an adjunct.
You must see a psychiatrist as medication is the best answer at first. Therapy may also help but won't fix things as fast and long term as medication.
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