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What natural supplements can you take with chiropractic care?

I am a 28 year old male. I want to know what natural supplements can you take with chiropractic care?

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In order to determine which supplements will be useful to you, your chiropractor should take an extremely detailed health history, and do a thorough examination that may include blood labs and urinalysis. With that information, your chiropractor should be able to recommend supplements that are beneficial and catered to your health needs. Unfortunately, most supplements that are sold in stores are low quality and expensive.
I would take different supplements based on what you are trying to help.

Dr. Jonathan Donath, DC, MS
More information is required. An evaluation is recommended in order to understand the imbalance
It all depends on what you’re looking to improve and/or what your body needs. Not all chiropractor recommend supplements. I believe a lot of them do now, but it is something we recommend to most of our patients. I’ll recommend supplements for digestion issues, stress, infections/immune system, sleep, etc. If you’re wondering which supplements are safe while receiving chiropractic care, I’d say none will interfere with your treatment (except caffeine supplements... stimulates cortisol which weakens your ligaments).
For more effective treatments, you can take curcumin with piperine, ginger, collagen, and omega 3. These will decrease inflammation and feed your skeleton and muscles.
Any natural supplement should have no contraindications to chiropractic care.
Magnesium, CBD Oil, DNA Ribose, Deep Blue.