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What pain meds can I take for braces pain?

I am a 24 year old male and I got braces 2 days ago. I am in excruciating pain and headaches. What pain medication can I take?

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Taking extra strength Tylenol according to the directions on the bottle. Usually it is only for a few days after you get your braces adjusted that they are the most sore.

Sorry to hear about your pain and headaches. Your orthodontist should have went over this with you before you left the office and you should be able to give the office a call to find out what they specifically want you to do. However, it is normal to have some discomfort when you get a new wire on your braces and as long as you do not have any health concerns with taking medications you should be able to take ibuprofen for the pain. The pain should be subsiding as it should only last 2-3 days.
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You can take traditional pain meds like aspirin Tylenol or Advil or Aleve. You can also try a homeopathic remedy called Hypericum: Place three or four pellets in a glass of water, dissolve, and take a sip every 15 minutes for pain.

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Depending on the pain level over the counter pain medications like Ibuprofen and Tylenol can help. However, if you require advanced medication then consultation with a dentist is needed.
Motrin 200 400 or 600mgs per the label.
Most common pain medications you can have, if you are not allergic to any, are Ibuprofen 200 mg over-the-counter and you can take one to two tablets every 4 hrs as needed,Tylenol 325mg over-the-counter same direction, but don't exceed 3gm a day, or Aleve 220mg. For stronger pain that is not resolved with these medications, it is better you check with your dentist on what should be done and based on his expertise, your dentist will be able to know the reason of the pain and work on it.