Dermatologist Questions Skin Rash

What do red patches around the face mean?

My daughter is 22 years old and is suddenly suffering with red patches on the facial skin. This has started past 1 month all of a sudden without any change in her face wash. It doesn't itch, but is significant. Could this just be an allergy or is it a sign of something alarming?

4 Answers

It could be seborrheic dermatitis or another condition.
If you are alarmed, you should get to see a dermatologist as soon as possible.
There is nothing to be alarmed about. She should be evaluated for seborrheic dermatitis or allergic or irritant contact dermatitis. These can be treated by your dermatologist.
Without seeing, it’s hard to give you advice. It can be just dilated blood vessels, early rosacea. You need to see a dermatologist.