Chiropractor Questions Neck Pain

I am having severe neck pain. What could be the reason?

Since last evening I am having a shooting pain in my neck muscles. The pain is so severe that I am unable to be in any one position for a long time. Besides, I am even unable to move my neck. Whom should I consult and what could be the cause of this intense pain?

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From what you are saying, it sounds like a torticcolis. Chiropractic is the best way to treat it quickly, otherwise you can try hot Epson salt bath with icing the region afterwards. You can also use CBD cream if you have it available. Vitamin C 1 gram every 3-4hours and calcium 500mg with a protein food same will help also
Try to relax the muscle then use ice for 20 minutes call 911 if pain persists usually better to follow up with chiropractic care or physical medicine
I would suggest finding someone near you experienced in McKenzie Diagnosis and Therapy. In my experience, the most common cause of these symptoms is the intervertebral disc, and McKenzie is a very effective treatment. Here is a link to their therapist locator for the US
It sounds like a condition we refer to as torticollis which is easily treated with chiropractic spinal adjustments. When deciding on who to consult with first, always consider the least invasive treatment options first and go from there. Spinal manipulation is non-invasive and will help correct the issue not just cover up the pain.
That's a great question. If it's truly "severe", please present to the hospital or emergency room, especially if there was trauma involved. You should have you neck examined by a qualified medical doctor or chiropractor. An examination needs to take place. They can determine if imaging (X-rays, CT, MRI, etc.) are needed. They can also ask you the correct questions to narrow down to a differential diagnosis and eventually determine the correct diagnosis.
First step, emergency room to rule out meningitis. Next step primary care doctor to rule out physical damage to bones, ligaments (MRI shows ligament damage if they do a proton density sequence), and rule out other infectious disease that is causing lymph node swelling. If they don't find anything find an upper cervical chiropractor who will do tests to get to the cause of what you're feeling in the cervical spine.
Could be very simple, like an acute myofacial trigger point, or more complex. See your Doctor of Chiropractic first.
Sounds like a badly pinched nerve. Ice, and see a good chiropractor.

I would recommend a chiropractor, the Doctor should be able to figure out if it is a muscular, structural and or nerve issue. Either way they will be able to solve your problem. I always get patients with this problem and the majority time I'm able to rectify the issue.
Consult, not advisable to guess.
It might be something called "Wry neck" or torticollis if it started abruptly. You can wake up with one in the morning or it may start with certain motion without an injury. It may be self limiting but may need care if it persists.
Pain that severe could be anything from very bad muscle spasm to a herniated disc to arthritis. My recommendation is to see your primary care physician, have x-rays and an MRI.
I am so sorry to hear that you are having pain! There are many reasons for intense neck pain, and you will have to get an exam to determine the cause. There are many different providers that can evaluate neck pain, some of which include chiropractors, medical doctors, orthopedists, physical therapists, neurologists, etc. The most important thing is to first determine if this pain is a non-emergency and musculoskeletal. In our office, commonly we see this type of pain with a muscle strain. Muscle strains can come on quickly and are very painful, but fortunately they also heal quickly (a few weeks). Chiropractors will be able to evaluate this to determine what the cause of your pain is and be able to treat this effectively. If you try and make an appointment with a chiropractic office, and you can't get in right away, you may want to go to your local Urgent Care center for an evaluation to at least have them determine if this is a symptom of a medical emergency. If you have been evaluated and determined that it is not an emergency situation, then your local chiropractor should be able to help.
Definitely want to see a chiropractor who will Xray your neck and knows how to do trigger point therapy
First I would encourage you to use ice on your neck to help with inflammation. Then I would call a local chiropractor and get an evaluation and X-rays to see if they can locate the problem area. I always encourage people to go from least invasive treatment to most invasive treatment. Other options would be acupuncture, massage, or physical therapy but since I am a chiropractor I would start there.
I would consult a chiropractor and perhaps get X-rays as a first major internal tool for diagnostic purposes. Many Chiropractors actually take X-rays at the office first visit. If pain becomes truly too severe, I would go to ER or Urgent care, at which place they could help with the pain with meds and I'm sure take X-rays there as well. Hope I helped. Got your back!
Dr. Todd Gewant
Shooting or radiating pain implies you have a nerve that is compressed. After an exam, if you can handle it, some heat, ultra sound, gentle mobilization to see if the neck is able to handle a specific manipulation to take the pressure off the nerve. A gentle massage after your adjustment may ease an soreness. Sleeping on your stomach, and text neck are primary culprits with neck pain like yours. Your complaint is a very common patient in every chiropractic clinic. Get in, get checked, and if you like what you hear, get treated. Who has 6 weeks to wait for neck or back pain to go away on its own.
If you feel feverish, nauseated, have a splitting headache and/or this is the worst pain you have ever felt then go to urgent care or the emergency room. If at home remedies like a hot shower or over-the-counter pain medications do not help (or you can not tolerate those medicines) then feel free to see a chiropractor or your primary care. It might be quicker to get in to see a chiropractor and even if (s)he thinks the cause of the neck pain would be better treated by someone else, you will be referred out
There are a host of things that can cause neck pain. From your joints in your spine to stress. Get to your internist or local chiropractor for proper diagnostics like physical exam, motion palpation, and x-rays. They can then formulate a proper care plan for you.
Good luck!
You should see a chiropractor and have x-rays taken. It can be a pinched nerve and can be treated with chiropractic care. Call 770-545-8888 for a free consultation.
Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear about your pain. The neck is a complicated structure and there can be many causes of pain. The best course of care is to consult a chiropractor to be evaluated. The chiropractor will perform a comprehensive examination that can help determine the cause of the pain and the best treatment option.

As for the cause of your pain, as mentioned above, can be coming from a variety of sources. These sources include the muscles of the neck including the trapezius, levator scapulae, and erector spinae, the bones of the spine that are restricted and not functioning properly, or various other structures that can be referring pain to the neck.