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When should I get acupuncture treatment for fertility?

My husband and I are having issues conceiving a child, and have been discussing the possibility of trying acupuncture to help with fertility. When is the best time for me to have a session?

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Yes a good provider can help you out for your infertility, usually the treatment might take between 8 to 12 sessions or more with herbs and sometimes massage too, you better try it works!
Are you seeing a fertility doctor? In my opinion, you should start immediately and let them work to get you into a state of better health and balance. If you are receiving fertility treatments, there are some time specific protocols like before being inseminated or fertilized eggs being inserted. But if you are trying to get pregnant the old fashioned way, it is better to just start doing regular treatments to get your body healthier as soon as possible.
You can receive acupuncture at any point in your journey. Depending on where you are with your cycle, procedures, etc., the practitioner will select the points he/she feels will benefit you most. Be sure to remain in contact with your practitioner prior to treatments on your pregnancy status.
The sooner you can start acupuncture, the quicker your chances to get pregnant! Acupuncture has been scientifically proven to help improve fertility for those trying to get pregnant. By boosting circulation to the pelvic area, reducing inflammation and regulating hormones, we have been successful and getting many couples pregnant.

Don't forget that your partner should consider getting acupuncture concurrently so both parties can be at it's peak to conceive.

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As soon as you would like to get your body balanced to support a new life growing.
Generally speaking, there are three time periods that are the most important times to have acupuncture during your cycle. One of the times is during the follicular phase of your cycle which are days 5, 6, 7, or 8. Day one is considered the first day of your heaviest flow.
The second is when your LH is surging, which is the day before, the day of, and the day after ovulation. The third last optimum time to have acupuncture for fertility is 6 to 10 days after ovulation, which is during the implantation time.
NOW. Actually the first session is essential because provider will inform you how to count days of fertile vs not and based on that your acupuncture doctor will create the best treatment plan with you. Make sure you go with your husband (it takes two to dance).
Before and after would have best results for fertility.
1) During the follicular phase - day 5, 6, 7 or 8 of your menstrual cycle (day 1 being the first day of heavy flow)

2) The day before, day of or day after ovulation (as indicated by your LH surge)

3) During implantation time (6 - 10 days after ovulation).

This works out to be approximately once a week except when you are menstruating. If there is something more significant going on, like lining issues for example, your acupuncturist may want to see you twice a week until it is properly addressed. However, the majority of the women I treat fall into the once a week category. If you are going through an IVF cycle, it is best if you can start acupuncture 6 to 8 weeks prior to transfer. The most important times to have acupuncture are the same as above, however, once you begin your stimulation medications you may be seen twice a week depending upon information gathered from your ultrasounds.
7 days after last menstruation to start have treatment.
That's a great question! I think any day is a good day to seek treatment!! In Chinese Medicine there are phases of the cycle and treatments change depending on that cycle. I am not well versed on this, admittedly, and would suggest seeking someone who specializes in fertility to give you the best shot at conceiving. Good luck!!
Whenever, find a specialist and discuss your options first, it may take a while
As each situation is very individual and in order to assess and diagnose issues in "preparing the palace," the best time is start soon with a consultation.
it depends. Infertility is related to different reasons, so you and your husband need a complete analysis before acupuncture (or herbal combination) is given.
According to Chinese Medicine, infertility issues can be due to various underlying pattern imbalances such as a deficiency or stagnation imbalance in an acupuncture channel or organ.

Your question demonstrates why acupuncture is so effective for enhancing fertility, as each case is treated individually, according to the specific imbalance.

So, you can book an initial appointment anytime. Then your acupuncturist will determine the best time for your session after assessing your (or your husband’s!) pattern imbalance.
One session of acupuncture for fertility usually is not enough. Usually you need 3 to adjust your period cycle if you have a period problem.
Hello! You may try acupuncture and herbal medicine as soon as your schedule allows. You will need 3 months of a regular cycle before trying to conceive.
Thank you for your question.

Acupuncture for fertility is not my area if expertise.

A medical work up should be completed for you both first to determine the cause before deciding on treatments.

The process can be stressful and this is an aspect acupuncture can help with.

Kind regards,
Dr. B
I always recommend 3-6 months before actively trying to conceive. If you have already started, it takes roughly 3-6 months to reset and recondition the body to become optimum for fertility and healthy pregnancy.
As soon as possible
Great question, and the answer is a bit longer than you may think. The best thing to do is have something called a micronutrient test done 6 months before you want to start trying. You need this test to determine which parts of your biochemistry and metabolism are not optimal. You are low in some nutrients, everyone is, but no one knows it until years later when it starts to show as a problem. One of which can be infertility. Many nutrients play a role in egg production and health, hormone optimization, etc. And no, just taking prenatal vitamins, or any vitamins, will NOT fix the problem, since without knowing what you are trying to fix, you may be doing what usually happens- taking too much of what you do not need, and not enough of what you do need. The answer is to find out what your unique body needs, and then give it the full 4-6 months that it takes for nutrient repletion.

Next is to begin the acupuncture- you will want weekly treatments for 6-8 weeks to prime your body (don't worry about getting pregnant here), then 2-4 more weeks of treatment to become pregnant. Always be sure to tell your Acupuncturist if you have a blocked fallopian tube (acupuncture can help), or low egg quality or any issues with your cycle. Herbal medicine (yes it is totally safe and quite helpful to take while trying and while pregnant) is very important for these issues. Best of Luck!!

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Usually the best time is 48 hours within ovulation, however you need to start as soon as possible and once you get in balance you will come on a more defined schedule to align with your cycles.
There is no specific time when a patient should come to receive a fertility acupuncture treatment, however, I would like to recommend to schedule a consultation to see how your practitioner can help you to be the most successful. I always recommend that both partners attend the first consultation.
The sooner the better! Please contact your local acupuncturist who is NCCAOM certified schedule a consultation.
First, it won't be a single session, but rather a series of treatments. I see people twice a week until they conceive. Second, there's no right time. Anytime is a good time. Good luck!!

Anytime is the best time for  a fertility treatment. Your acupuncturist should assess you and will have treatment plan for different stage of your menstrual cycle and ovulation. Hope your fertility process is a success and you have a healthy child soon.


Scott Sang In Lee
The best time to consult with an acupuncturist who specializes is infertility is right away. The sooner you and your husband begin the sessions, the better the chances of conception. I would recommend both of you be seen for the consult and first treatment.
Best of luck on your journey!

Dr. Bita Yadidi L.Ac., DAOM
One day before your ovulation and one day before your menstrual bleeding if you have a regular period. If you don't have a regular period, I suggest taking herbal medicine to regulate or in addition to acupuncture.
Anytime in the cycle is a good time, and the amount of acupuncture will vary case by case. Acupuncture works to regulate the female menstrual cycle, regulate and balance hormones, improve egg quality, uterine lining, and so on. It often takes weekly acupuncture for at least a couple of cycles to accomplish some of these goals. Conversely, it can also be an issue of the father as well, and acupuncture can help to improve sperm motility, numbers and morphology, so it may be advantageous to determine whether his statistics can improve as well.
Anytime ASAP to see your doctor, or acupuncturist.
The best time is when you decided to go for it. You need to have a clear understanding with the practitioner for what plan you are following. Many of them do it on their own skills and expertise, so not everyone has the same plan. Therefore, you can check with the practitioner you are going to for the question you asked.
I am not a specialist in fertility, but I do know that you should see the practitioner in advance to trying to conceive and see them for a few months depending on your condition. They will help regulate the cycles and regulate hormones, work with emotional issues, etc. It may take a few months or might fix things right away. Also have your husband go, we tend to only look to fixing the female, but the males need balance too.

Call a local acupuncturist who specializes in infertility and they will guide you.

Good luck.
Best time is as soon as possible. In most cases, the couple is treated together.
First, I'd suggest you both visit your primary care MD and make sure there are no physiological issues in play like low sperm count, poor sperm quality, blocked fallopian tubes, etc. Once this is out of the way, you're in a much better position to decide how you'd like to proceed.

Whether there are underlying issues or not, acupuncture and Chinese medicine have a pretty good track record when it comes to fertility. It's best if you both receive treatment, unless you're fairly sure that one or the other of you has some underlying issue - which is why I opened with the suggestion to see your MD.

There really isn't a "best time". If you're experiencing menstrual issues as well (pain, cramping, and so on), it's can be a good idea to start treatment just after your period. This will give you three to four sessions before your next period, and provide a way you can judge if the treatments are changing anything. Unfortunately, for women, sometimes it takes a cycle or two for the body to catch up with the acupuncture.

For the best results, please make sure you're seeing an NCCAOM board certified acupuncturist. You can find someone local to you by visiting the "Find a Practitioner" section at There are acupuncturists who specialize in fertility treatments, so you might ask your ob/gyn or call around and see if there's a fertility specialist near you.