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Where can I get a 1,200 cal. diabetes diet?

I really need a diabetes diet that is 1,200 calories.

Female | 75 years old
Medications: metformin

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The best advise is to work with a diabetes educator also known as a CDE (certified diabetes educator) who is registered dietitian with in-depth knowledge in the field of diabetes. This way, the CDE can tailor the diet to your individual needs based on your height, weight and daily nutritional requirements depending on other medical issues such as kidney, liver or gastric problems. My advice to my patients is to concentrate on the Quality of calories, not the number of calories per day.
Better than a 1200-cal diet is a nutrient-dense diet that is 60% raw fruits and vegetables, 20% healthy fat, 10% living fiber, and 10% protein.
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Your physician can most likely provide you with a 1200 calorie lo fat diabetic diet. Alternatively you can contact a nearby hospital to find a registered dietitian.
Online there are many. However: breakfast, 2 eggs with coffee; Lunch chicken salad; Dinner two green vegetables with a protein the size of your palm. 3% will follow this diet so best of luck. Always love yourself and never pressure yourself. Following a diet permanently is the hardest thing to do ever.
Dear Patient: Have your doctor refer you to a nutritionist to discuss diet or google it on internet, but best to see nutritionist.for proper understanding of diabetic diet.
Marvin A Leder MD FACP FACE
There are many places to get a 1200 diabetic diet. I will mention only a few here. 1) any registered dietician can give you a diet plan & food amounts as well as food suggestions. 2) The American Diabetes Association can do so. Contact a local Ass. office or go to their web site ADA.org/diet. 3) the same for the American Dietetics Association. 4) The YMCA has a diet program, so contact the local Y. 5) finally many doctors have literature that outlines various diets as do professional groups like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc. Your Dr. should be able to help you find a source of good material.