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Which lasts longer crowns or veneers?

I am a 36 year old female. I want to know which lasts longer crowns or veneers?

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Both types of restorations can last for years and years if you take good care of them and see your dentist regularly for evaluation and maintenance. Crowns do have the advantage of having more tooth to grip on to, but that is also the down side as more of your natural tooth must be shaved away for the crown to fit all the way around your tooth. Veneers mostly cover the front surface of the tooth and may wrap a little ways to the inside without extending all the way down to the gum.
From my experience a crown will last longer than a veneer. A crown covers the entire tooth where as a veneer only covers the visible aspect. Think of a veneer as a mask over the tooth, they can more easily be dislodged or fractured from normal function than the structure of a crown.
Veneers are usually done on anterior teeth, the ones in the front part of your mouth, the upper six or lower six teeth. If these teeth are broken down or slightly crooked. Some times veneers are recommended. However a veneer only covers the front, side and tip of the tooth. Over the years the veneer, because it is so thin, may chip or brake or the back part of the tooth that is not covered may decay. On the other hand a crown covers the entire tooth with the same ceramic material and is much thicker and stronger and may last much longer.
Crowns typically last longer because they are stronger and not as thin as veneers. However veneers preserve more of your tooth structure and are not as invasive as crowns. Veneers last typically 7 to 10 years depending on the patients hygiene and habits (clenching,grinding, biting finger nails ect). Crowns can last 20 or more depending again on oral hygiene and habits.