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Which shoulder is higher in scoliosis?

I am a 29 year old male. I want to know which shoulder is higher in scoliosis?

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It depends on the direction of the curvature of the spine. It is not the same for all scoliosis patients. There may not even be a high shoulder, possibly just rib humping or a higher hip, if the curvature is lower in the spine.
Either can be higher depending on the curvature.
That depends on the type of scoliosis, but generally speaking the higher shoulder will lie on the side of convexity of the scoliotic curve. It also depends if the scoliosis is a one-curve or two-curve scoliosis. To ensure you are daignosed correctly, you want to see a competent physician that can write an order for an X-ray or CT to further diagnose the type of scoliosis you have.
It depends on which direction the scoliosis is. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine and it can be a right lateral curve or left. So the higher shoulder will be dependent on the way the scoliosis presents.
Which shoulder is higher depends on which way the spine is curved in the scoliosis. Some people have scoliosis that curves to the right, other people have curves to the left. Some people have scoliosis in just the lumbar spine and the shoulders can be even. Some scoliosis patients have S curve scoliosis which also may result in shoulder that are perfectly balanced and equal.
Multiple factors determine whether you have a higher shoulder with scoliosis. The severity of scoliosis can be determined by diagnostic x-ray imaging. Scoliosis can be simple, meaning there is only one curve, or complex, meaning more than one curve. Scoliosis can also curve in different directions, right is dextroscoliosis and left is levoscoliosis. The severity of scoliosis as well as which direction the curve is will determine if you have a higher shoulder.
The high shoulder is usually on the convex side of the scoliosis.
The nature of the scoliosis will determine the high shoulder. If the top curve is on the left, this will pull that shoulder down and the right will appear higher. Naturally, if the top curve is on the right, the left shoulder will appear higher.
The high shoulder with scoliosis would all depend on the which way the spine curves.
That depends which side your shoulder is bending you towards, if you have a slight curve in your rib cage area, that has a concavity of the left side of your shoulder it will mean it's the right for instance. If the curve goes the other way, your other shoulder will be higher.
Thank you for your question. I regards to which shoulder would be higher in scoliosis the answer is dependent upon which direction the scoliosis deviates. If the convex side is to the right the right should would be higher when looking at the patient from the back. However, if the convex is to the left side the corresponding left shoulder would be higher. So, in answer to your question the higher shoulder depends on which way the scoliosis laterally deviates.
This depends on which direction the scoliosis is curved. Usually the right shoulder is higher with someone who has a right sided thoracic scoliosis.
That depends on the direction of the scoliosis. Scoliosis is more common in females than males, and most of the time, they begin in the lumbar spine (that is your low back). It will typically curve to the left in the lumbar spine, then to the right in the mid back, back to the left in the neck. A right-sided scoliosis would do the opposite. A right-sided scoliosis will typically cause more problems than a left sided one.