Dentist Questions Broken teeth

Why do my teeth keep breaking?

My teeth feel so brittle and fragile, and I noticed that I have a few teeth that are broken. What could have caused this?

8 Answers

If a patient is breaking multiple teeth in a fairly short time frame, this can be a sign you are clenching or grinding your teeth at night and you may benefit from a biteguard to be worn at night.
Teeth are not normally brittle and fragile. Breaking could be from decay or some other disease. See your dentist to diagnose and treat your condition.
Do you grind your teeth? You could be doing it during your deep sleep! See your dentist for possible night guard
It is very difficult to say without more information. If you haven’t seen a dentist in a while (3+ years), they would be breaking because they are undermined by decay. It could also be due to clenching or grinding. I would recommend finding a dentist you trust and let them take a look.

Justin W. Ruffner, DDS
Many things including systemic disease. It’s important that you get an examination from a dentist.
A few possibilities:

1) Poor restorative work. White composite fillings are notorious for having recurrent decay and breaking apart.
2) You have a dry mouth due to taking some medication of mouth breathing
3) You are unknowingly clenching or rubbing your teeth during the day or at night, which can cause breaking of the teeth.
4) Your teeth are not coming together properly, this is called occlusion, a poor occlusion can cause such symptoms.

Good luck.
Grinding, neglect, after root canal treatment, multiple fillings, just to name a few.
Probably due to thin enamel by a guess. Ask your dentist.