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Why do you need to drink water after a chiropractic adjustment?

After chiropractic adjustment my doctor told me to drink water. Why do you need to drink water after a chiropractic adjustment? I thought it was a weird request.

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It’s great to be hydrated in general, but it helps in the healing process. Your brain and nervous system need nourishment after treatment and water is very helpful.
Water helps to hydrate your tissue, discs, joints and ligaments. Also, water is a very good solution and helps flush out water soluble toxins.
After adjustments function is restored so now your body works better. Your body can start releasing toxins and you need water to move the toxins out of your body.
I do not tell patients this is required. My sincerest hope is that people are hydrating on a daily basis because it is essential to health. There is no reason to increase water intake after chiropractic care.

Similar to massage, drinking water helps flush any lactic acid that could cause soreness after adjustment. Not as critical as massage, but definitely a positive thing to do.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP

Not weird at all when you notice how dry most people are, and that they are mostly water.  It is possible you are one of the dry people, so when the adjustment reset bone attachment site, the muscles needed water to help move and hold into the more proper location and activity. I also tell many people to drink water, as do many massage therapists, etc.; it also aids in tissue detox....drink up!
Certain toxins build up in the body and are mainly stored in the soft tissue, muscles and ligaments. The most common is lactic acid which is a side affect of glucose synthesis. When an adjustment is performed muscles and ligaments relax, nerve stimulation is enhanced and blood circulation increases. This causes a release of these toxins into the blood stream. The reason for increased fluid intake is to flush these toxins out of the system. Six to eight 8oz glasses is usually advised.

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To flush out toxins
The reason for this is due to the release of toxins from different tissues within the body after an adjustment. The consumption of water helps the body eliminate these toxins.