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Will I ever get relief pain from hip pain?

Since I delivered my baby, I've had really severe hip pain. Is there anything a chiropractor too so that I can get some relief?

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Yes, you can get relief from your hip pain. We have many patients with hip pain that lasted more than 2 years and yet they ended up being pain free in addition to gaining their hip mobility back.

Dr. Majed Nagoulat, D.C.
You can get relief. The pelvis can become out of alignment from child birth. When the pelvis if out of alignment, it can have unequal pressure on the hips.
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Chiropractors can also provide adjustment to hip joints and extremities to correct any misalignments.
Chiropractic adjustments along with physical therapy are very effective for hip pain after delivery.
Possibly. It depends on what the actual problem is. It's not uncommon, due to ligamentous weakening and loss of muscle strength during pregnancy to have issues with your back and/or your hips. I would recommend you see somebody who performs a comprehensive examination and can pinpoint the problem. If you see a chiropractor and they do not do a full workup you should go elsewhere.
Absolutely, chiropractic can help reduce all that hip pain
Yes, there is. Hip pain can result from imbalances in the lumbar vertebra, pelvic bones, sacrum, and/or the feet. Undetected and uncorrected structural or postural problems (imbalances) can cause that type of pain after a delivery. You should seek the care of a chiropractor who treats the whole spine and body.
Absolutely, a chiropractor will treat your hip pain and get you back on track.
Many patients present to our chiropractic office with joint pain and problems in the upper and lower extremities. Examination and treatment of shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles is common in our practice. Joints of the extremities are evaluated for mechanics, stability and the extent of tissue injury. Radiographs (X-rays) are used when needed.

Treatment typically consists of some combination of chiropractic extremity adjusting, stretching, strengthening, therapeutics (heat, ice, etc.), and maintenance. Very often joint pain is a consequence of postural stress, structural imbalance and poor body mechanics. When this is the case, we treat the cause of these larger issues as well as the specific area of joint pain.


Dr. Martin
Chiropractors are wonderful at fixing hip pain for depending on the cause. Labor is a lot of stress on the body, so it’d be a good idea to get checked out to find out what’s causing the pain and if it’s something a chiropractor could help with!
Yes, chiropractic can definitely help post-pregnancy hip pain.

Mark Klezmer, DC, CCSP, CCST, FIAMA

The short answer is “Yes.” When you are pregnant and through delivery, your body changes to prepare for birth. Your ligaments loosen and it is easier for your body to misalign, which can put abnormal stresses on your hips and back. Chiropractic can address the structural problems causing your pain, where pain pills do nothing to correct the problem. Call your Chiropractor as soon as possible to start getting relief!

Good luck and good health,

Dr Moon
Typically, the pelvic ligaments get stretched out. This creates a sacro iliac disruption, which can be helped with in 10 treatments. This video explains more....
If you get a correct diagnosis and treatment plan, you will most likely get results.
Yes, absolutely get checked by a chiropractor. I personally see at least 40-50 cases per week that are hip pain related. The nerves in the spine exit and go to the hips, that is priority number one. Then the chiropractor can check the hip sockets and SI joints themselves to see if the problem is local.
Great question, thank you for asking!

My answer is......most likely. Postpartum low back, sacroiliac and hip pain are fairly common for a variety of reason. Be sure to ask the chiropractor you see to check your sacroiliac joints for fixation and associated muscles, particularly the hip flexors for tender/trigger points.
We must find the cause of the hip pain first, have x-rays taken to screen out any arthritic formation. Then provided your hips show no deterioration a simple chiropractic adjustment to realign the hips would give you tremendous relief.
Depending on what exactly the hip is hurting from, yes, you can get great relief from chiropractic care. Just need to find a chiropractor that will evaluate you to see what the cause is. Sometimes it feels like the hip and it turns out to be the low back or pelvis referring pain to hip. After pregnancy, including epidural or C-section, it may be from the low back even though the pain is in the hip.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP
Yes, but make sure to look for a chiropractor that specializes in extremities.
Absolutely!! Chiropractic adjustments are of the top treatments for pain relief. During pregnancy as the baby grows and the belly becomes larger, the increased abdominal pressure can cause the pelvic joint to shift out of alignment along with lower back spinal joints which can lead to low back and hip pain. A patient can usually see a significant reduction in pain
from chiropractic adjustments and often times 100% relief.
An exam and X-rays will tell if Chiropractic could help
Absolutely. During pregnancy, the ligament loosens due to hormonal changes. Chiropractic care can help to reduce the tension around the hip area and provide a tremendous amount of relief.
Yes, there is. Most often during delivery, the pelvis is placed out of alignment. Especially if you are a first time mom and have never experienced low back pain. A few adjustments should remedy it, but an X-ray should be taken to make sure nothing else is going on. Did you know that newborns can also be adjusted? You may ask your chiropractor for further
Yes, Chiropractic can absolutely help you by addressing the entire pelvic region. Give it a chance.