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Will acupuncture help me with hand pain?

My wrist and my fingers are almost always in pain, kind of like carpal tunnel. Do you think acupuncture can help me?

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Yes acupuncture, massage and herbs might help you relieve this pain.
Yes. It is certainly worth trying before considering surgical intervention as an option. :-)
Should have x-ray first to know the problem
Acupuncture can work to release tension within those tiny hand/finger muscles, letting the joints breathe. It can also flush out any residual swelling or inflammation, which is also beneficial to maintain smooth flow of fluids throughout the system. Modalities such as physical therapy can also be incorporated into your regimen to keep the inflammation down and increase strength, while also settling down any "nerve" symptoms if it is a carpal tunnel syndrome.
I recommend getting evaluated soon to make sure it's not an autoimmune that can mask as pain symptoms. And yes, modern medical acupuncture and Eastern medicine works amazingly well and quickly once a ddx has been completed.
Yes but it takes time and patience
Absolutely. I’d also highly recommend soaking them in warm Epsom salt 15-20 daily and coating them in frankincense oil nightly (covered with socks to muffle the strong smell).

Yes, acupuncture can help with the wrist pain you are experiencing. It may also be that you may have tendinitis. Regardless of either, we can definitely help you to start getting some relief with your pain.

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Well. You definitely should try it since acupuncture works very well for pain
It absolutely can!
I am sorry that you are in constant pain. Have you had an MRI to rule out anything more serious than carpal tunnel? If nothing serious is found, acupuncture has been seen to be very helpful with your condition. Everyone has a different response to acupuncture. Sometimes surgery is warranted, but I think it is wise to first seek out other less invasive means of treatment. As there is no guarantee with surgery, there is no guarantee with acupuncture. It depends upon the nature of your condition, how severe it is, what you do occupationally insofar as overuse of the hand that will affect treatment outcomes. I have had good results with carpal tunnel cases, even those that have had it a long time. But if you work at a job that requires you to constantly use the affected hand, acupuncture may be minimally effective. It needs proper rest, heat and/or ice, and probably could use some physical therapy. How you choose to handle it may depend upon your insurance, but consult with your primary care to see how he/she thinks you should proceed.
Good luck and feel better!!!
Thank you for your question.

That must be very frustrating to have constant pain. Especially in your hand. It’s important first to get a proper evaluation and diagnosis by a physician. (And, I highly recommend a true medical doctor, not a doctorate of nursing or physician assistant.) I further recommend a physiatrist If there is one near you. If not, then a general practitioner/family medical doctor. There are many reasons why you could be in pain from very simple to very complicated medical reasons. Acupuncture in general can be helpful for pain management, but it is not a substitute for a proper diagnosis.

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Dr. B
Yes, it helps blood flow, which can help to ease inflammation and joint pain.

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Acupuncture is usually recommended to address issues related to pain management and it can help to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
Sure. Most of the time there is a Qi stagnation that acupuncture can break.
That depends upon what is causing the pain. If it is a musculoligamentous sprain or strain, acupuncture can be very relieving as it can for osteoarthritis. If the pain is due to nerve damage or a degenerative process, the results may not be as favorable.
Yes! Acupuncture very effectively treats carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and hand pain. Plan on a minimum of 6 treatments back to back to most effectively treat this and make it sustainable.
Acupuncture is a powerful tool against pain. Of course, we have to investigate the reason for your hand pain, but in the great majority, we have successfully resolved the problem.

Be well, be confident, we can help.
Yes, acupuncture helps with pain.

Susan Friedrich

Acupuncture does help with hand and finger pain related to carpal tunnel or other causes.


Scott Sang In Lee
Yes, it does.
I often treat wrist and finger pain quite successfully. Plan on going for a series of treatments, but it can be well worth it.
Yes, acupuncture has good anti-inflammatory effects thus helps for hand pain.
Yes, acupuncture has been used for decades to address inhibited muscles in the hands that can worsen carpal tunnel. It also works by increasing blood flow and relaxing the tissues.
Yes, acupuncture can help with your hand pain. But, the more information the better to find out what’s causing the pain.
I have helped many people with this issue ranging from artists, musicians, athletes, elderly people and others who have repetitive motion issues that lead to the pain.

You would need to go find a Licensed Acupuncturist in your area (an L.Ac. not an MD or Chiro or PT who "also uses needles"). Pretty much any practitioner should be able to help this because pain issues are easy for us to treat.

Good luck.
Yes, I think it's worth a try or a few treatments to get you relief.
Absolutely. There are several techniques we can use to alleviate your pain such as trigger point dry needling, electrical stimulation, and simple local needling. These will work to loosen the muscles, increase the flow of blood and qi (your energy), and decrease inflammation.
From mild-moderate pain, acupuncture can resolve the pain in my experiences. Remember, acupuncture has accumulating effects. You need to have 6-10 visits depending on the chronic and severity of the pain.
Yes, that sounds like carpal tunnel and acupuncture cant treat this condition.
Acupuncture can probably help with your pain issue. The area where we have the best evidence of acupuncture's effectiveness is in chronic and acute pain. I've worked with lots of hand/wrist pain patients and I'm usually able to get good results for them.

If you're not in CA, go to and use their "Find a Practitioner" lookup to get some providers close to you.