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Will I be given antibiotics during my retina surgery?

How will my eye remain healthy after my vitrectomy? Will I be given antibiotics or something else?

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Antibiotics and a steroid drop are standard.
Typically, post operative antibiotic drops are used. Not oral antibiotics. I would ask your surgeon for more details
Yes, sometimes before during and after surgery.
Sometimes, depending on the surgeon both antibiotics are given during the surgery and in the form of a drop after surgery to prevent infection
Yes you will be given antibiotics in the eye during surgery and antibiotic drops post op for about a week. Also your retinal surgeon will give you clear instructions on your activities and head positioning
You will be given topical and perhaps even systemic antibiotics for your Retinal surgery unless it involves Laser only and no cutting of tissue.

Roger Ohanesian MD
The surgeon makes a number of needle-like incisions into the eye to remove the vitreous gel (vitrectomy). These are usually self-sealing, but the eye needs a hard cover protection for about 2 weeks to allow these to seal with scar. The doctor wishes to prevent any risk for infection getting into the eye through those wounds, so commonly an antibiotic solution is injected under the surface of the lids (conjunctiva) at the end of surgery and antibiotic drops (along with steroids) are given to take starting the following day.

Stephen Sinclair, MD