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My son has been having a yellowish discharge from his eyes. What could this be?

My son, who is 18 years old, came back home feeling feverish and also had a sticky yellow discharge from his eyes. What could this be?

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Sounds suspiciously like an infection. Please maintain social distance and have your son mask up around others. Please get him a COVID test and an appointment with an Eye Dr.
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Bacterial conjunctivitis (aka pink eye). Should have antibiotic eye drops and in the first 48 hours if contagious.
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This could possibly be an eye infection. Please visit your local provider for treatment as soon as possilbe.

Most likely it is a viral conjunctivitis, which is contagious in nature. For now, please have him start using preservative free artificial tears as often as every 2 to 4 hours. Also, have him avoid sharing towels, pillow, wash hands often, etc., to avoid infecting others in the household. If worsens, he will need antibiotic eye drops.

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Dr. Pinkhasova
Hello, thank you for the question.

Based on your description Conjunctivitis which is also referred to as pink eye could be a possible diagnosis; however, until an eye care professional assesses the health of the eye in office I wont be able to give you an exact and accurate diagnosis. I would recommend your son to see either an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist as soon as possible since some of the ocular conditions such as Pink eye are extremely Contagious. Mean time, I would recommend your son to avoid touching his eyes. Also, he should separate his towel from the rest of the family as well as avoid sharing his pillow to avoid the condition from spreading to the rest of the family members.
Hope your son feels better soon.
Could be a serious eye infection. He should see an eye doctor. He may require prescription eye drops.
Infection: take him to the eye doctor
This could be a bacterial infection. He should be seen by an eye doctor and/ or medical doctor soon!
It is a bacterial infection. He should be seen by his eye doctor. It will go away on its own, but will take a lot longer.
This sounds like some type of ocular infection, possibly viral or bacterial. In light of his fever, he should receive an urgent assessment from your local eye care provider.

Dr. EM
This sounds like bacterial conjunctivits. Your son should visit his eye care specialist for proper referral, he may need oral and/or topical antibiotic medication. If he was fit with contact lenses, he should discontinue until his symptoms resolve completely.
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It sounds like a bacterial infection, however, the best way for me to determine the most appropriate medication is to evaluate his eyes in the office and under the slit-lamp microscope. In the meanwhile, make sure he is cleaning off the discharge, washing hands frequently, does not wear contacts, and you should wash his pillowcase and towels every day so as not to spread the pink eye to the rest of the household. Please call us at 773-549-1111 or schedule a visit online at DrJoannaSlusky.com so that he can be seen ASAP. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

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If this is coming from both eyes, this is almost always an eye allergy.
Could be an eye infection. Usually, augmentin orally works or tobtamycin or oflloxacin eye drops. Seek help from an eye doctor.
It is possible it is an infection. Whenever there is a goopy colored discharge from the eye it is always best to be examined by an Optometrist to see if medication is necessary.