Chiropractor Questions Hip Pain

Will yoga help in treating my hip pain?

I am having hip pain ever since I delivered my baby. Will yoga help in treating it?

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Yoga can help with hip pain. Yoga exercises are designed to increase flexibility, and being more flexible, there is less compression across the hip joint.
It may help or make it worse. I recommend getting examined by a Chiropractor to treat the cause of pain and to see if Yoga can help.
The extra weight you were carrying while pregnant caused a misalignment of your hips. The hips must be realigned and balanced by a doctor of chiropractic first and then doing yoga would be a lot more effective in helping you with your hip condition. Yes, yoga would be very good for you after you have seen a chiropractor.
Tight hips can be debilitating. Mild to moderate stretching is ideal but seeking physical therapy along with chiropractic care will help
Probably not
Most likely, but it is generally more important to strengthen the muscles to increase stability to the pelvis.

It depends on what is causing your hip pain. During pregnancy, the joints loosen in preparation for delivery, and with the extra weight of the baby, it can be easy for misalignment of the joints to occur. You can end up with extra stress on the knees, hips and back and you will need a structural correction. Chiropractors are excellent at helping with these problems. In general, yoga is great for stretching, strengthening, and balance, but your structure must be checked to get the best results.
Good luck and enjoy your new baby!

Dr. Steven Moon
It might be helpful to stretch your muscles and activate your joints, but keep in mind if the pain persists to be checked by a doctor to evaluate your hip and joint function.
Yoga may help in relieving some of the pain if the pain is caused by tight muscles that need to be stretched. The best option is for an evaluation by an expert who is trained in the anatomy and physiology of the hip. Your local chiropractor is best able to asses this. Please consult with him or her to see if their treatments may be best for your hip pain.
It really depends on what's causing the pain. Is it your hip or is it your sacroiliac joint referring pain down to the hip? It is common for women to have pelvis or SI joint pain after giving birth. Congrats by the way! Yoga is very useful for stretching muscles that may be tight or out of balance, but usually a combination of stretching, joint mobilization and manipulation works the best. Try yoga and see if it helps. If not, seek a good physician like a chiropractor to diagnose and treat the problem.

Take care and be well,

Dr. Eric Miller
Yes, absolutely it will. Yoga can help to stabilize the pelvic and core muscles that are usually affected by childbirth. Start slow and get used to controlled movements and poses in yoga and then you can advance yourself.
Good luck.
Yes. Yoga will absolutely help you with your hip pain.

Dr. Leonard
Yoga is not a treatment, but try it if you haven't yet and see how it makes you feel. If your condition does not change, you should consider having it looked at by a chiropractor.

Dr. Tina A. Sigafoose, DC