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Platelet disorders run in my family. Should I be worried about my daughter?

My mom and my grandma both suffered from platelet storage pool disease. What can I do to protect my daughter?

My son's leukocyte count is high. What does it mean?

A recent blood test indicated that my son's leukocyte count is quite high. What does it mean? Should I be worried about this?

What does an increased platelet count in my child mean? Is it a reason for worry?

My son has been experiencing fatigue and headaches and the doctor has sent us to get blood work since he believed that this was a little abnormal. Once the results came back,...

After chemotherapy my daughter's hemoglobin levels are dropping. Why?

The doctor has found a tumor on my daughter's collarbone, but it has been removed. She's now been on chemotherapy to treat any surrounding cells in that area, but her last blood...

If my child has a blood transfusion, will it cause any problems for him in the future?

My child had an accident and had to undergo a blood transfusion. He's 12. Is this likely to cause any future problems for him?

How can iron deficiency in kids be treated?

My child is suffering from a mild iron deficiency. She is 10 years old. Is it too early to give supplements or what should I do?

is there a way to prevent genetic blood disorders?

There's a history of blood disorders in mine and my husband's family. Is there any way we can further protect our kids?

Are there any natural foods that can treat hemophilia?

I would like to know which natural foods can supplement treatment for hemophilia in children if any?

How is low platelet count treated in kids?

What is the best way to treat low platelet count in kids? What is the most common cause?

Is blood cancer hereditary?

My husband's family has a history of blood cancer. What are the chances it will be passed down to our children?

How can I treat slight iron deficiency in my child?

My son has a minor iron deficiency. Can you please suggest how should I treat this?

Why are my daughter's hands so pale?

My daughter is 6 years old and her hands are very pale. They aren't cold, though. . . What could be the reason?

What causes hemophilia in children?

What are the different causes resulting in bleeding disorders in children? I know this can show symptoms in infancy, but why does it happen?

How is hemophilia treated in children?

My nephew has been diagnosed with hemophilia. I'm curious, what is the treatment procedure for this health condition?

My first daughter has sickle cell disease. Can my second one have it too?

My first daughter has sickle cell disease which we are told is a genetic disorder. I am pregnant with my second child. Are there chances that my second one will have this disease...

Do diseases like leukemia run in families?

Is luekemia a genetic disorder? My first son died of leukemia and I am pregnant now. I am very worried that it is a genetic disorder. What are the chances my baby will have...

Is there a diet to increase platelet count in my child?

My son had a recent infection that caused his platelet count to drop. He has now recovered from the infection, even though the platelet count still remains low. Is there a diet...

Should I give iron supplements to my daughter when she starts her periods?

My daughter is 13 years old and has just started her menstrual cycle. Do you think I should be giving her iron supplements at this point as a precaution?

What could be the cause of low hemoglobin levels for my son?

My son is 12 years old and a recent blood test indicated that his hemoglobin levels are lower than the normal range. What could be reason for this?

Could pale fingernails be a sign of iron deficiency?

I recently observed that my daughter's nails are getting very pail and almost white. Could it be a symptom of iron deficiency?

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